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  1. 1 ppr, right now I’m projected to win by about 10. need to know which 2 to play. Boone - the unknown but Mattison out? Aj Brown - now no Henry, hurt or help? Sutton - rookie QB and everyone worried about Slay? thanks!!
  2. How much does Henry being out hurt Brown? Or does he have lots of garbage time stats trying to catch up to the Saints?
  3. Who did Slay shadow when the Bucs lit them up last week?
  4. Must be that time of year where the stress of making the right choices for the championship weigh heavy on our subconscious ... I had a dream the other night that DJ Moore scored a TD and I was pissed cause I am playing against him and was hoping Grier would effect production. I too am trusting the vision as my final decision maker on starting Perriman. May the visions of Cizastro come to be!!
  5. Best other QB’s available are Lock, Daniel Jones or Haskins. Not sure I can take a chance with any of those guys.
  6. I know Drake just had a monster day but I don't trust him. I would think to put either Mostert or Boone in at RB. Mostert being the safer of the two. mine. I have dropped Jacobs and have Boone also now.
  7. My guess is Washington is the safer play not knowing how the Vikings backfield will shake out on Monday night. Help with mine?
  8. Go Bailey. Nothing to suggest Tucker doesn't keep kicking PAT's
  9. I wouldn't fault you at all for Brown over Washington. I think you have lots of choices that should do well but I know you are trying to pick the best. Some are concerned with Lattimore vs. Brown (I'm not really one of them). Washington probably has safe floor and Brown higher ceiling. All depends on what you think you might need.
  10. You have too many choices like me and we have a lot of similar choices so maybe we can help each other out. I'm going to say Parker ( he has had a great year and has a great match up) Washington ( should have a great game with Jacobs out and he has already proven his value as where I am worried about starting Boone) Mine please?
  11. I think I agree with Happy, I would go Parker over Allen. Help with mine please?