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  1. Staying on the DH, what about Nick Senzel in CIN? His recovery from his shoulder injury is going well and he progressed to throwing but finds himself in a crowded OF situation.
  2. It is unfortunate for Honeywell. I don't know how his most recent elbow issue affects him long term but I read the odds of a long career were already stacking against him because of his previous elbow issues. That was based on previous SP's who had the same elbow issues and how they fared. I'm personally rooting for Honeywell because I hate to see players who have opportunities cut short because of injury and not performance.
  3. I'm targeting him via trade in my Dynasty league and was curious on the outlook moving forward. There are several young arms in ATL so there is tough competition. From what I've read it appears he can stick as a starting pitcher who could be anywhere from a #2 to #4 option. He was able to improve in each AA and AAA after initially struggling.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Owners treat SP's like gold in our league. What about pitchers like Jose Berrios, Sonny Gray, Jake Odorizzi, Joe Musgrove, or James Paxton?
  5. Any current buzz on Anderson? I see he is slipping down some lists. But he is only 22...
  6. Thanks for the replies. I let the owner know that I'm not interested in his current offer. In an OBP Dynasty league how do some of you value Suarez? I've been tossing his name out around my league via trade for SP in return. But alot of owners, I think, are undervaluing him.
  7. I agree as well he is better than 8th-10th best 3B. I was just sharing where I have been seeing him ranked. For example, Fantasypros has him ranked as the 9th 3B in Keeper/Dynasty leagues.
  8. That thought makes sense. Now I don't know for fact or not but it appears pitchers are not declining to much as they pitch into their 30's. Now Verlander is a stud so he may not be the best example of pitching into his 30's. But pitchers like Charlie Morton and Lance Lynn come to mind who had some of their best seasons later in there careers. Keep in mind that Gray will be 29 after this season so he is not far behind in age but has pitched much less career innings than Corbin. 641.1 innings compared to 1147.2. Help please:
  9. I like Trade 1 more because you wouldn't be giving up a higher end SP, Patrick Corbin, in the trade. I dont think Trade 2 is horrible for Dynasty. But I also dont think I would entertain the idea of adding Corbin to the offer despite a SP in return, Gray, if you could get Trade 1 done. Help please:
  10. I'm personally intrigued by Jon Gray long term in a dynasty but not for that price. You have the best two players in the deal and your pitching doesnt look to bad overall. Help please:
  11. 14 team H2H Dynasty. 6x6 categories. Hitting: R, HR, RBI, SB, Ks against, OBP Pitching: QS, W, Ks, ERA, WHIP, SVH3 I'm in talks with an owner who is interested in acquiring my Eugenio Suarez. He is offering me to pick one SP between Robbie Ray and Jon Gray. And one SP between Garrett Richards and Masahiro Tanaka. IMO the best two options would be Ray and Tanaka. But is that enough for Suarez? My team is below and my Starting Pitching is less than ideal. Thoughts? WHIR and thanks in advance. C. Will Smith 1B: P.Alonso 2B: M.Moustakas SS: Corey Seager 3B: E.Suarez (3 OF): G.Springer, F.Reyes, J.McNeil (2 UTL): C.Santana, J.Turner BN: A.Eaton, N.Senzel SP: B.Woodruff, D.Lamet, L.Lynn, D.Cease, Caleb Smith, S.Matz, John Means, K.Gausmann, D.German, Z.Eflin RP: E.Diaz, N.Anderson, J.Karinchak
  12. Is there any indication that Suarez could reduce his strike out's? Or that 2019 was an outlier regarding K%? In 3 seasons from 2016-2018 in which he saw 500+ at bats he struck out about 23.5% of the time each season. Last season he fanned 28.5% of the time with the same BB% from 2018, 10.6%. He also had career bests in SLG at .572 and a .930 OPS in 2019. He is consistently ranked top 10 at 3B, most common from 8th-10th. I would consider him elite if he could reduce his K-rate and somehow increase his Run totals. 87 total runs is his career high. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part because I own him in a Dynasty league which has batting K's against as a category...lol.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I did counter without Woodruff but the trade was declined. Woodruff was the deal breaker. Thanks again.