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  1. It's really, really easy to look at his numbers and see the potential -- and I don't just mean his minor league numbers. On a very basic level, this season at the MLB level he's struck out a lot of guys and walked very few. If all you look at is ERA when evaluating pitchers, then I can see why you think he sucks. And if all you look at is ERA when evaluating pitchers, you probably play in a shallow mixed league and Straily does "suck" when compared to other players available in the player pool. So there's probably no reason for you to even comment on this thread, because you're adding nothing.
  2. So you would vote Ace then? Judging by the height he wears his socks, I'd slot him somewhere between Koufax and Gooden in terms of ceiling, and Anthony Young in terms of floor. And I used to work at a shoe store, so I know what I'm talking about.
  3. Come on, it wasn't a complete waste. You got to read all these professional scouts' evaluations of Dan Straily. You know, guys who coach high school baseball and therefore are qualified to judge whether he has the potential to be a major league ace or not.
  4. It's weird how polarizing this guy is. Maybe because he came out of nowhere, I don't know. But the numbers say he has a shot to be good, maybe even very good. He's dominating the PCL, which is a norotiriously tough league for pitchers. So he's getting righties and lefties out at the highest level of the minor leagues. And he did it last year, too. Not to mention his start against the Astros this year (I know, it's the Astros, but he K'd 11 in 6 innings). Scouts get it wrong all the time. Maybe they got it wrong with this guy. Maybe they didn't. We'll see. But I think he's a guy worth taking a shot on, particularly in that ballpark.