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  1. At the very least yahoo should leave this to the discretion of commissioners. My league is allowing me to drop Ayton with no one being allowed to pick him back up until his suspension is up so I can get him back. Super lame there isn't a setting to allow suspended players to be IR eligible on a league by league basis.
  2. Assuming this suspension is held up he is missing approximately 8 weeks of the fantasy season. Doesn't seem like much but thats 8 weeks of getting a zero (daily change leagues) since you most likely can't stash in IR (yahoo). What is the play here? Bite the bullet and hold? Sell for a like 60 cents on the dollar for someone who will play? drop? Curious to hear how other owners are approaching this.
  3. [...] The breakout signs are there to me. New QB who likes to target him and a WR friendly schedule down the stretch. You gotta think they will everything to get this guy the ball. He's a big play waiting to happen and has been super efficient with limited touches.
  4. he reminds me of Taj or Jerami Grant with a bit more shooting range. Seems like PJ can knock down corner 3s. He's probably a better passer than those 2 as well, maybe not as good a shot blocker as jerami.
  5. Darius Slayton for those in deeper leagues who missed on golden. Looks like Shepard back in concussion protocol. His second this year. not good. Slayton has flashed a good connection with dimes
  6. Where are you valuing Chark in trades hypothetically? I'm already getting offers in my keeper league haha
  7. Dede got all the hype for some reason. I never bought that. I stashed Chark before week 1 in a deep league thanks to Mike Clay. He was one of the few experts talking up Chark in the preseason.
  8. Like most in this thread i'm a bit disappointed with this game from Sony. But after re-watching his carries, his second goal-line carry was a TD in my book, not sure how the refs didn't give it to him. No review led to a Brady sneak. I thought he looked fine hitting the holes in the rest of his runs. He wasn't overly impressive but he didn't look bad either. My only concern is that he hasn't been used in the passing game much and that's a bummer since they were hyping him up to do that in the preseason. Maybe that eventually comes in games where the pats are forced to play from behind (probably won't be very many) or burkhead/white get hurt. But you love to see 20+ carries in this offense. His touchdown upside is insane. I think he's a fine mid to high end RB2
  9. gotcha i jus meant the "they'll run more now" thing. I saw Matthew Berry peddling this line of thinking on twitter and wanted to offer my perspective
  10. I disagree with this logic. Shifting the pass to run ratio is not going to make latavius any more valuable. The teams overall scoring projections are severely lowered without Brees. That translates to less carries overall and less red zone opportunities if the team can't move the ball as well. I think latavius will have decent games here and there in positive game script scenarios but good luck predicting those. In my mind he's a handcuff until Brees comes back. Even then I'm not sure he's much more than that. He wasn't getting a ton of touches even with Brees. I'm out and dropping.
  11. Nick Chubb last year as well. He didn't come into the season with the same hype as Montgomery but he didn't pop until week 4
  12. Not sure why everyone is freaking out after week 1. Did we really expect him to go off against Aqub Talib and Marcus Peters? Not to mention the fact that Cam has obvious rust and is overcoming a preseason foot injury. I think the passing game ramps up in the coming weeks as they face softer secondaries.
  13. For real. I'd be even more disheartened if the defense somehow pulled it out for them and Nagy didn't have to look himself in the mirror after a suspect win.
  14. I'm not overreacting to week 1. I'd be more concerned if Montgomery looked bad. He didn't. He was breaking tackles and one of the few bears actually making things happen (besides arob). It was always going to take a few weeks for him to rise up. I actually think them losing and badly, to a division rival, may accelerate that process.
  15. anything to see here? Kyler threw over 50 times. Game did go to OT but arizona is going to run alot of plays and 4 WR sets. I'm intrigued in deeper formats