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  1. Ya this was absolutely infuriating to me. My team was stacked yet i'd lose every week. I'm glad this isn't just me. I appreciate the comments. I guess I should just trust the process and honestly couldn't understand what I could have done differently other than punting.
  2. This is an incredible explanation and thank you kindly for your time. I'm going to refer to this during the season. I'm not totally sure of the settings, but if we do have weekly moves and stream spots, I'll definitely adopt your strategy. In summary, you're saying be adaptable -- i dont necessarily need a punt strategy right off the bat. Building an even team will help you adjust week to week against opponents whereas certain punts will hamper you against some opponents.
  3. I'm a seasoned Rotisserie Basketball GM jumping into Basketball H2H for the first time. I've played H2H in hockey previously (and drafted BPA all the way down) and my team cumulatively had the highest totals in 6 out of 9 categories but I finished 2nd last in the league at seasons end. I dont even understand how that is possible. My questions for seasoned H2H GMs: 1) Is a punt strategy an absolute must in H2H and if so which builds make sense for 2020/2021? 2) what kind of adjustments to do you make week to week leading up to playing a new opponent? 3) What other tips would you recommend to steer someone from their roto tendencies and make them a H2H draftday sniper?