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  1. DSJ looking decent tonight. Playing inspired...
  2. already clanked 2. I'm in a rotoleague. This guy is destroying me.
  3. Agree with this. Only been 3 games. The two games prior are great. All I was saying is his a** gets slapped by the raptors.
  4. I think ingles is only a deep league target. He was just inside top 100 last year starting playing 32 minutes a game. He's now coming off the bench and Utah has 2 pg's this year. Assists will drop and his minutes are now floating around 28 a game. He'll put up consistent low value but at the end of my bench i'm looking for someone that can blow up and become top 60.
  5. marc gasol absolutely owns vucevic. just dont start him against the raps.
  6. wow came here thinking he had a good line. didn't even register the ft were that bad. 66.5% ft shooter in college. doesn't look like it's gonna get much better. YIKES.
  7. He's been great. So far has numbers like a Utah Gordon Hayward with slightly less assists.
  8. AD is cooking. PJ is playing defense well. Boxing out the bigs but someone else getting boards. Usage on offensive end is low rn.
  9. He closed the game out on Trae, playing the final minutes in a tight game against the Hawks over DJ Augustin. Played decent defense but Trae banked a step back 3 for the win. Aside: Orlando's late game offense was terrible that game i.e. fournier throws it up and hope vuce tips it back in for about 4-5 straight possessions. Either way, it's encouraging to see him on the floor in late game situations and he played the same minutes as Augustin. Magic need to give them the burn so he can be their starter in the playoffs -- unfortunately I think the time split is gonna last a while until he starts having some breakout games.
  10. 10-13 in 18 minutes. If this guy gets the minutes he will undoubtedly feast. Worried more about his defense than the young guys.
  11. doesnt look good at this point. Minutes were there first game but dipped last game and usage seems very low. He was supposed to run the 2nd unit but doesn't seem like the case with jazz being able to stagger conley and mitchell. Gonna hold for a couple more.
  12. Anyone a Jazz fan that could provide some insight? I know he's coming off the bench. Will he provide the nice out of position assists coming off the bench? (He still played 33mins last game.)
  13. 10 teamer. Who do you like rest of season?
  14. Thanks for the great points. I think both are gonna have big years but they likely will go at the same time and I wont get a chance to nab both. I'll see what I need during the draft.
  15. How does Bam compare to Thomas Bryant - another young big with an opportunity this year?