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  1. This guy is a rock hard steal. Second base and OF eligibility. Love this guy.
  2. Can he stay healthy this season? If so, I got myself a steal in round 7.
  3. What kind of numbers do you guys expect from him this season? Is he an SP4/5 in fantasy?
  4. I think it needs its own dedicated thread, but fair enough. Yahoo just did an article on this and a few interesting guys like Ryan Braun, Howie Kendrick, and Yoenis Cespedes would see their values increase. What are your thoughts?
  5. Funny, I was just about to do that same. We definitely need a thread on the universal DH in terms of which players values goes up.
  6. I got him as my backup SS so I'm super pumped with that!
  7. Which of these 2 OFs do you like better this season?
  8. As a baseball player, or as a guy who hangs out in Dollarama parking lots?
  9. He works magic with his wrist. Let's just hope he cum's to play this season.
  10. He's got such a sweet stroke to the point where the shaft of his bat lines up perfectly with the balls, and he unloads with fierce throbbing power.
  11. If his trajectory continues, the Jays will erect a statue in his honour.
  12. His scouting report says he's been choking up on the bat too much.
  13. He's definitely not afraid of showing off his talent.
  14. He's at his best when there's 2 balls and 1 strike.