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  1. Tim Patrick questionable with a hamstring.
  2. Logan Thomas limping into the tent.
  3. Learn how to read. We were talking about Joe Mixon, not Aaron Jones.
  4. I think Mixon misses multiple weeks. Rumour is he has Plantar Fasciitis.
  5. Brady is averaging 37 passing attempts per game this season. That's 37 targets per game. Even if Evans, Brown and Godwin average 8 targets each per game, that's 24 total targets between the 3 of them. That leaves 13 targets per game for the TEs, RBs and backup scrub WRs like Miller and Watson, which sounds reasonable. I think Evans and Godwin will be just fine.
  6. Truth is this doesn't really help any of these 3 WRs. I see them all as inconsistent WR2's now, with 1 or 2 having the potential for big games each week, but we won't know which one.
  7. Per Schefter: Antonio Brown and the Buccaneers are working towards an agreement, per source. Both sides want to get it done. There are steps to be taken on this visit, and Seattle still is in the mix, but the Buccaneers have emerged as the favorites.