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  1. I don’t think this dwill has always excelled in the third down role. What I see is them rotating series at a 70-30 split; with whoever is the lead dog. Will probably start out as dwill and then go from there. With Reid’s rb history, he prefers a lead dog as opposed to a true rbbc
  2. Thats because singletary is not fast nor quick. He has below average nfl athleticism for a runningback
  3. 2017 is a long time in rb years. Especially for RBs who are now over 30
  4. People are forgetting (or choosing to ignore) that shady is now 31 years old. The athleticism dips, the injury recovery time increases. I think he’s a great handcuff and if Williams gets hurt or misses games, McCoy can contribute. But he’s going to have season long limitations and I think the chiefs know that.
  5. I own both in one league. Dwill is higher for me. McCoy is 31 years old and he hasn’t been good for a while.
  6. It’s not about starting Williams with confidence, it’s about If there is confidence in monopolizing this backfield for the season.
  7. It probably means Thompson is the healthy scratch
  8. How should one feel if they are the owners of both Williams and McCoy? Seems like with Reid’s history of having a go to back, you should be covered with this kc backfield.