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  1. 10 team H2H league. We count 10 hitter and pitcher categories. 10 hitter (R, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, SB, Walks, K's, Avg) 1 pitcher (IP, W, L, CG, Shut Out, Saves, K's, Walks, ERA, WHIP) Positions: C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, MI, CI, 4 OF, 2 Ut, 5 SP, 2 RP, 4 Bench, 2 IL. We keep exactly 5. 1 hitter, 1 pitcher and 3 ANY. I kept: Trout, Trea Turner, Devers, Arenado & Buehler. We draft by email over a couple weeks. So far I drafted Sale, Bauer, Wheeler, LeMahieu, Realmuto & Castellanos. My question is. With Sale hurting, do I go with Bumgarner, Boyd, R Ray or Maeda? Or am I good with Buehler, Bauer & Wheeler for now? Report just said Sale probably won't need TJS so I might not need another SP anyway. Best hitter options. Tim Anderson or Correa (Already have SS, but either could be great MI), Mancini (1b are hard to come by this year and he is the best still available), Soler (Adding him to my other hitters almost locks me in for HR & RBI every week), Danny Santana (Nothing special, but 20/20 could happen with low K's and he qualifies at every position).
  2. This but i would keep Mancini over Ohtani.
  3. Seager for me. I think he's going to have a really big season in that lineup. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  4. Snell for sure then Gio slightly over Castillo but both are solid options. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  5. I like Seager for a big year. I also like Rogers as your 2nd closer. If Abreu is still there, I would take him though. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  6. I don't think any of them have any real impact this year. If you want to take a chance, I would say Lauer has the most upside this year.
  7. It is A Chapman. I'm not doing it because I like LeClerc, I am just trying to save some cash. Keepers are due soon and nobody else is trading now. Kopech has had some nice upside for a couple years now but it doesn't sound like he'll pitch in the majors much this year. I can give him M Boyd instead, but after losing Severino, I need a SP who will get innings this year and get me some K's. Closers who get saves are hard to come by in this league but spending $28 on one still seems crazy. Going in with LeClerc & Robles totally $21 is a decent deal. Like I said, this deal saves me $15 as well to spend in the draft. There are some really solid players available like Bregman, Judge, Lindor, Rendon. J Donaldson as well as pitchers like Snell, Ryu, Paxton and Maeda. GIles is the only closer who will be available. So having that extra $15 could be huge.
  8. 10 team AL ONLY Auction 5X5 league. $260 salary. We keep up to 10. Players are designated S or L status to determine how long you can or must keep them. I give: Kopech ($5), Mancini ($16) & Chapman ($28) I get: Rosarrio ($16) & LeClerc ($13) So Mancini and E Rosario are a wash in price. Rosario can only be kept this year and he's done. Mancini can be kept 2 more years after this one but he'll go up 20% each time. Kopech probably wasn't going to be kept at this point anyway. So basically I am trading Chapman for LeClerc and saving $15 cash. Here are the players I am considering. Severino - $11 (Unfortunately I have to keep him one last year even though he's out for the season) Robles - $8 Chapman - $28 (Hate spending that much but it gives me a great 1-2 RP punch) Luzardo - $10 (Probably closest thing I have to untouchable) Boyd - $7 Moncada - $26 Mancini - $16 Then after that I'm not sure. Urshela - $10 Gurriel - $14 Andujar - $5 S Murphy - $9 (Only because it's 2 catcher league, I might keep him) Kopech - $ (Hearing he might be healthy now so he could be a no brainer keeper if healthy) Vogelbach - $3
  9. That is a very tough call. I'm a big Dodger fan and Lux looks like the real deal, but I think I would lean Giolito right now. He looked good last year and should be better this year. You can't go wrong with either but I like Giolito a little more. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  10. 10 team H2H league. We count 11 hitter and 11 pitcher categories. We have to keep exactly 5. 1 Pitcher, 1 Hitter and 3 Any. I am keeper W Buehler at SP. Then I am keeping Trout, Arenado, Devers & Trea Turner. So I won't be able to keep Sale and I haven't had any luck trading him for a draft pick. So I was thinking about offering Arendao & Sale for Soto. Soto is younger and is only getting better but right now him and Arenado are pretty even in overall numbers. So I'm thinking he might go for it.
  11. Done deal. I accepted the Story offer. I would like to see if I can trade one of the OF and maybe Bauer for a SP upgrade but I doubt it.
  12. If I did this new deal I would then keep: Bauer, Morton, Story, Springer, JD Martinez & Blackmon. I hate keeping 3 OF but that does make for an amazing core of OF.
  13. I mentioned the trade to a friend in the league and he just sent me an offer as well. Bieber for Story, C Morton & Springer Is this a better deal?
  14. Just to give an example. Bieber last year scored 681 points in this league. 3rd most of all pitchers. Thor scored 473. Albies scored 559 and Freeman 589.10th and 14th overall for hitters. That's why the other guy is making these offers. A top SP like Bieber is hard to come by. I am still going to accept one of the deals, I just don't know which one. It sounds like everyone here likes Albies over Thor, but it was only a couple years ago when Thor was scoring 600 points and looked like a top 10 SP.
  15. I agree with everyone. Moncada is light years ahead of Bell right now. Help with mine please. Thanks. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/801755-which-deal-for-bieber-whir/