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  1. Make the move. I actually left Julio off my keeper list this year and drafted Ridley and I couldn't be happier. Ridley is the new #1 in Atlanta.
  2. I agree with trying this first. I'm not as high on Taylor as most, but he's definitely the best player in the deal.
  3. I'm a huge Jacobs fan but this is close. I also like J Kelley more than most. I would still make this deal. Kupp is a beast when healthy. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  4. Try ODB & Freeman. ODB has more name value than actual value. I would take Ridley over Evans, but I would do the deal for either. Help with mine please. Thanks. .
  5. I would take Diontae over OBJ at this point. Hard to believe he's fallen that far, but OBJ just isn't a top stud WR anymore. But Ridley is much better than both so I would rather see if he'll take DJ Moore instead. I agree that you need to upgrade from Brees, which is crazy to say. If you can get Cam and Diontae for DJ Moore and Crowder then I would do it. I doubt he gives up Allen in any deal right now. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  6. ONE MILLION PERCENT, YES. Get Gibson now before he hits his stride. Standard scoring hurts his value because he's a PPR stud, but I would still take him over Boyd.
  7. This was just accepted. This team is not in signature, but it's a 12 team league. We keep 2. It's a $200 auction league. 1/2 PPR. I kept A Jones & Mostert. I give: J Conner ($29), J Landry ($11) & Z Moss ($16) I get: K Drake ($24) & A Cooper ($28) My team after trade: QB: Murray 2 RB: A Jones & K Drake 2 WR: A Cooper & Chark TE: Fant Flex: A Gibson Def: Steelers K: Butker Bench: Niners Def. Mostert, D Montgomery, Swift, Gaskin & Crowder As you can see, I am pretty deep at RB so losing Moss didn't hurt. I think K Drake should be better than Conner going forward or at least less likely to get hurt. Cooper is an upgrade over Landry. Now with my extra roster spot I can grab Kerryon or Chris Thompson or DJax. Either way, it's just depth. I probably won't keep any of these guys anyway.
  8. This is a Vampire league. What that means is, 9 teams drafted like normal, then the Vampire team gets to take whatever is left. The Vampire team is the only team that can make any free agent moves though. Right now I am stuck with S Barkley on my team. The only way I can drop him and pick up another RB is if I have other injuries and/or bye weeks. So I don't have enough players to start a full roster, then I can drop a Barkley for another RB. The thing is, I still have A Jones and K Drake starting and K Hunt at Flex. I purposely drafted so my byes are all covered. So the only way I can drop Barkley is if one of my other RB's gets hurt and then I need a bye week fill in. Since the Vampire team can actually add and drop players, I am going to see if he'll take Barkley & K Hunt for M Davis & J Kelley. He's only starting one of them right now anyway, so Hunt is an upgrade for him there. He could then drop Barkley and pick up Hines or Gaskin. The ONLY reason I do this, is so I have more RB depth plus I think J Kelley could be really good going forward. I would start J Kelley at Flex every week instead of K Hunt, but then I at least can start M Davis at Flex during bye weeks instead of having to use TY Hilton there. Am I overthinking it? Should I just roll with my current group and be stuck with Barkley on my bench all season? Or should I make this offer to help shore up my depth?
  9. I agree with the above posts. Cooks injury history is scary but if healthy, he is a top 5 RB. I like A Jones more than most, but I would still take Cook over him easy. Plus I'm not as high on Godwin as most are. I think A Miller could be in for a solid year. I would stick with your current team.
  10. I give: Barkley, A Gibson & Crowder I get: J Jacobs & D Adams Team A: 12 team FULL PPR league. We keep EXACTLY 4. My team: QB: K Murray 3 WR: McLaurin, Landry & Hilton 3 RB: Barkely, CEH & A Jones TE: Goedert K: Bailey Def: Steelers Bench: K Drake, A Gibson, S Michel, Crowder & Anthony Miller
  11. What about same deal for A Cooper?
  12. Fournette is barely ownable at this point so I don't think either deal is that bad. I want no part of Brady so I would rather stick with Minshew over him at this point. If you really want R Wilson, then that 2nd trade is not that bad. I would try AJ Green & Fournette for R Wilson.
  13. That's really tough. I'm not sure if you have what he would be willing to trade for. Obviously you are not giving up CMC so maybe try Gurley & Diggs for Thomas? I would start by emailing the owner and telling him who you want and see what he wants and go from there. Diggs and Cooks have some name value and I don't really like either that much, so it would have to include one of them.