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  1. 10 team standard (5pt bonus for 100 yd rush/rec, 300 yd pass) Foles... (dropped ARod 11:30 Sunday morning lol) Carson Michel (dropped Fournette for him, opponent dropped Michel for D.Williams Sunday of semis) J. Samuels (flex) Had Conner Hopkins Edleman Jordy Nelson (had Kupp) Kittle Butker Dolphins D ( used Texans all year) $800 pay out. Been 10 long years since I won this league started back in 2003 using newspaper for stats Many times a bridesmaid
  2. Think Foles got enough magic to pick up and start against a beatable Texans secondary? Thinking of starting him over ARod and Ryan. If not who you like between latter two? 20 yds pass = 1.... 10 yds rush = 1 5 point bonus at 300 yds -2 per turnover
  3. Was he at practice yesterday or today?? What gives on the seemingly silence?
  4. If Beathard is out and with rest of Niners limping around dare we consider the Raiders D as a streamer this week?
  5. PM sent B squared. Between having you and sya in two football leagues I know trades will be flying!! AIM Screen: Steelersspk Anyone can IM me at least so I can get ya in my Buddy List, lol
  6. Does my RW avatar get on anybodys nerves??? If so, cool.
  7. Well, J.Stew and Mendy are future guys (very near future, lol)...They're second year guys on HEAVY RUNNING teams...very young, very promising. I consider them core guys in dynasty, at least on my team cause they can start scoring big as soon as this year. All offers welcome.
  8. I texted Biggz. Looking for a WR....Offering J. Stew or Mendy if the offer is right.
  9. I'll bite on the kicker stategy Shock. I'm game for another round, lol Round 19 - FINAL ROUND 1. TexanAD - Arian Foster, RB HOU 2. Shock6822 - Ryan Longwell, MIN K 3. Benji Benjacobson - Garrett Hartley, K NO 4. Spike11 - Chad Pennington, QB, MIA 5. Biggz - 6. Winky - 7. Sya - 8. K.Heart - 9. Wiley02- 10. KTOWN - 11. Sportsguy 12. Chingon