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  1. Late to the party. I like the trade, especially if you are punting assists. I really like Mitchell and Ayton looks good plus Maak. Good trade for you. thanks for the help with mine
  2. Stay put. I like Hezonja over everyone you listed. Maybe green is he is playing well but he is in a new system. Keep an eye on Green and can add if later if needed. Thanks for help with mine.
  3. Gallo is the better player but is injury prone. Redick is reliable but I worry about his usage this year. I would risk it and go Gallo. Thanks for help with mine.
  4. I agree that you seem to be punting assists. I would move Reke, Collision and Jackson for more 3s/steal. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. I like it. Short on PGs, but looks strong considering punt assist. I like Murray or Schroder for Gay.
  6. I like it. Team looks strong. Good fg% from guards for the most part, good bigs and fowards. Good draft.
  7. Jamal Murray, Conley, Rubio, Dragic or E. Payton. Rubio, Dragic, Conley might be aimming a little high. Depends on who owns them.
  8. He offered you Kyrie for Klay? I would take that fast. I love Klay but he basically gets you points, 3s and fg%. Kyrie has more injury concern but provides steals, assists and ft% as well as 3s and points. Other than that I like it. Rebounds could be better but 16 team league. Can't have everything.
  9. 10 standard, 8 cat. (No TOs) 5 keeps. My other keeps are: Westbrook Hayward J. Holiday D. Mitchel. Do not know the rest of my team yet. Draft is this sunday. Need to pick last keeper by then.
  10. I doubt you get could Beal for Jordan. Lou Williams is a nice target. Maybe JJ Reddick?
  11. Harris and Collins for me. I can see Vuc, just because of double double. I like Harris more and he is younger.
  12. Strong team. I agree with others that it seems more like a punt assist team than anything. Keep an eye on bell and bridges.
  13. Your team looks good on bigs so blocks and boards should be fine. Looks a little light on assists though. Basically, just Wall and Doncic. Giannis and Russell will provide a few assists as well. I agree with trading Jordan or another big for a SG or PG. I would personally go PG to try to get more assists.
  14. 10 team, Standard scoring. Torn between keeping A. Gordon or Klay. Who should I keep? Thanks in advance and please leave a link.
  15. I agree. Rebounds and blocks look weak. Steals might also be a little weak. Probably a big to shore up boards and blocks then worry about steals last. Thanks for the help with mine.