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  1. Agreed, those are really low targets for JRob at this point. If I was looking for a WR in straight up trade I'd go for guys like Godwin, Juju, Ridley, maybe ARob.
  2. How would you rank Julio Jones, Tyrek Hill, and Cooper Kupp rest of season?
  3. You have some elite WRs (though I have no clue who "Hollywood" is). Lockett for Murray is the way I'd go.
  4. As of right now, I like Boyd more. But if Green is back soon that all changes. So it's a tough call but sure, make the offer.
  5. I think Jeffrey is the safest play, you know he'll get a good number of looks. Who knows what you'll get with Sanders or Sanu? Sanders might have the highest upside but it's riskier.
  6. I'd make that deal. Nice TE upgrade and kind of a wash at WR honestly.
  7. Tough call...I think Sanders has higher upside. Difficult to know what you'll get from either though. Help with mine -
  8. I would pick Indy DEF vs Denver, both it's a close call. And I would still go with Chubb. Even in a 33-0 blowout loss Monday Leveon Bell, who is comparable to Chubb, still got decent action.
  9. I like your lineup as is. Unless you see Hunt as being a great keeper for next year. Help with mine-
  10. I'd go with Kelce, feel like his numbers will start to go up.
  11. I would have little interest in Stills. Maybe it's just me but I don't see much upside and would think McCoy could get you more. Help with mine -
  12. Edmonds has more upside in the event that DJ misses a lot of time. I feel like Montgomery won't really break out this year, but who knows. So I'd rather have Edmonds, slightly.