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  1. As always, when there is an incident like this that affects a player's fantasy and real-life outlook, we don't expect you to ignore it. We're in the early days of football, so some will be drafting and others will be assembling lists, so there will be a reason to discuss his value as this investigation unfolds. With that said, there are some definite boundaries that everyone is expected to observe: No general discussion of social issues. No one needs to condemn abuse or assault. (If you find and abuse and assault despicable, you're not alone...but don't vent about it here.) No speculation about guilt, innocence, lying, behavior, steroids, or anything else related to the investigation or anyone's character. If you see a credible report about new developments in the investigation, you can cite it here. This gets tricky because some media reports will be mere speculation themselves, and those are not allowed. If you post something borderline it will be up to the moderators to decide whether it's appropriate here. As always, if you disagree with moderator decisions you can PM one of us and we'll review your comments and respond. Do not argue in the thread or question why a post was removed. We need to keep this discussion fantasy relevant. We DO NOT want to lock the thread, nor do we want to take away anyone's posting privileges here, but be aware...if you blatantly ignore the rules and interject personal opinions and social commentary, you won't get a warning before you're suspended.
  2. The difference between his home and road ERA is stark. I saw last week's debacle coming, and think this week is a huge opportunity to bounce back. As with anything in fantasy sports, this is a working hypothesis supported by statistical evidence, not a guarantee.
  3. Plays for AA Jackson, so Arizona. 24 years old, so probably ready for prime time if he sustains these numbers.
  4. Seriously? That's the question he asked in his original post. Please, break it down, because I can clearly see the question in the first message in this thread. "...who could be this years Jaguars defense?" I also don't see anywhere that he claimed to be a source on anything. Are you arguing just for the sake of arguing, or can you point specfically to what you have a problem with?
  5. Probably just a bruise, so the ball should be fine in a day or two. That arm, however, is gonna be out of commission for awhile.
  6. It probably has something to do with the broken toe he suffered last month. There might be some weakness that makes it harder for him to get a jump, or it might simply hurt enough to slow him down. Broken toes can be very painful and can take time to heal. He came back quickly from the injury, because he's a team guy and Gordon with no steals is still better than no Gordon at all. The problem is that playing every day might prevent him from healing completely, so SBs might be tough for him this year.
  7. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Sanchez didn’t address if he belonged in the rotation, opting to say he’s just thankful for the opportunity. But his manager knows the Braves will eventually have choices to make. "We've got a good problem,” Snitker said. “We've got more starters than we can probably use right now. And that's something not a lot of teams can say. It’s going to be some tough decisions going forward, as everybody comes back healthy, just to see what we’re going to do.” From Fantrax: Analysis "Sanchez was in complete control, as he allowed only two runners to reach scoring position throughout his start. He worked very efficiently -- he needed only 85 pitches to complete his seven innings of work and began 21 of the 25 batters he faced with a strike -- allowing him to match his longest outing of the season. Despite the strong performance, Sanchez may find himself out of the Braves' rotation shortly with Julio Teheran (thumb) expected to return from the disabled list Sunday and Mike Foltynewicz's (tricep) injury looking relatively minor."
  8. I just read that he's expected to go back to the bullpen once Julio return from the DL on Sunday. I guess Mike Faultyweiner isn't going to need to miss any starts, so that leaves Sanchez as the odd man out for now.
  9. His BABIP is about 60 points below his career average. That could be bad luck, or it could be a change in approach. His fly ball rate is up and the percentage of balls that he pulls is much higher than it has been in the past. Everything else in his batting profile looks normal and he's on a pace to match last year's totals in XBH and homers, but his singles are way down. If I watched him often I'd have a better idea if this is true, but the above leads me to suspect that he's trying to hit for more power and it's not really working. In 2017 he had over 700 plate appearances but only hit 11 HRs, so his power potential is almost zero. I can see why he'd want to change that, but if he really doesn't have the strength or bat speed to drive the ball for distance, all he's doing is artificially decreasing his singles production and increasing the number of fly outs. If that is what's happening you can hope that cooler heads will prevail and they'll instruct him to focus on contact rather than power. The good news is that he's running a lot. He's getting caught more than last year, but that'll happen when you're accepting more risky attempts. Overall, he might his a few extra HRs if he keeps trying, and but his BA should improve to the .270 range, and he might reach 30 SBs (albeit with more outs on the basepaths). 15/30 .270 guys have value, especially if you don't have one of the elite speed guys, so he's probably worth a hold.
  10. Let's recap, shall we? Trade discussions are not allowed in the main forums. Value discussions are allowed, but extended debates about players who are not the subject of the thread are not permitted. Back and forth arguments that restate the same point multiple times are discouraged. Calling someone who disagrees a "hater" or describing them as "butthurt" is inflammatory and condescending, and violates the Prime Directive (civil and respectful) Disparaging someone else's league by saying "I wish I could play in an easy league full of idiots" is not allowed. Tangential discussions of general fantasy strategy should be kept to a minimum. If it starts to become more than that, take it to PM. Offending posts have been deleted. Most of them were by members who have been repeatedly reminded of the rules, and this is a friendly warning: For some of you the days when the mods "Delete and move on" are past. I'm not calling anyone out by name, but if you suspect it might be you, you're probably right. It gets tiresome removing's a lot quicker to remove posters..
  11. This thread has been overrun with useless bickering and will be closed for a bit while we clean up the mess.
  12. I didn't see the comments you're referring to, but AAA being mentioned as a possibility doesn't surprise me. They have to say something, and "We think AA is the right place for him." would make them sound like idiots. They'd either have to admit that they're keeping him there for financial/control considerations or broach the possibility of keeping him in the minors at a more advanced level. As I've mentioned before, if they didn't plan to give him a spot in the majors they'd have moved him to AAA weeks ago. Of course, this is just speculation and it's always dangerous to predict what baseball management will do.
  13. (MOD HAT - OFF) It makes absolutely no sense to take a snapshot of a player's stats in early May and pretend that that's representative of his results for the year. I can list a dozen players who are seriously under-performing their expected results, but who will probably wind up with good-to-great numbers in September. Look at Goldy's results so far. Is he basically Gallo too? You mention Harper's salary, which is only relevant as a "real life" player. Let's compare Gallo and Harper. One is a career .288 hitter, the other clocks in at a meager .205. OBP shows an 80 point difference, and by coincidence, so does OPS. Wanna guess who owns the outrageously good numbers? There's no comparison in real life, but how about fantasy? Gallo has 12 SBs in career, and only one this year. Harper, despite the slump he's been in for a few weeks, still has 4 SBs already and 66 in his career. RBI's? Gallo hit 41 HRs in 147 games last year, which is great, but he only drove in 80 runs. Harper drove in 85, despite only playing in 111 games. In fact, with 30 fewer games last year Harper had more runs, RBIs, doubles, hits, and half the strikeouts. The only valid criticism of Harper is that he seems to have a hard time staying on the field for a full 162 game season. Still, out of 6 seasons he's played 85% of the games in 3 of them. Gallo has done it once. (MOD HAT - ON) You have been warned about trolling. Your long habit of waiting until a good player is in the midst of a slump, and then dropping some ludicrous comments into the player thread just to see the reaction has been repeatedly noted. I don't know if you just like being called out, or if your league mates watch this forum and you try to feed them false information. Honestly, I don't care. I know that you don't really believe that Gallo is equal to Harper. I'm not going to spend any time trying to figure out what your motivation is for saying it, because it's not important. My only goal as a moderator here is to provide for an orderly, useful exchange of genuine knowledge and ideas, and to stop people who try to interfere with that process. I'll put this clearly, and I'll do it in public because somehow the private messages aren't sinking in: Stop trolling. Stop using a week or a month of bad performance to disingenuously portray good players as failures. You know enough about baseball and stats to avoid small samples that don't give a valid representation of likely outcomes. Please note that this is coming from a moderator who has always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I'm tired of being embarrassed by you and posts like the ones in this thread. There's lies, damned lies, and Mevins, and it has to stop. If you disagree with anything here, PM me if you must, but DO NOT REPLY HERE.