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  1. Plays for AA Jackson, so Arizona. 24 years old, so probably ready for prime time if he sustains these numbers.
  2. Seriously? That's the question he asked in his original post. Please, break it down, because I can clearly see the question in the first message in this thread. "...who could be this years Jaguars defense?" I also don't see anywhere that he claimed to be a source on anything. Are you arguing just for the sake of arguing, or can you point specfically to what you have a problem with?
  3. Probably just a bruise, so the ball should be fine in a day or two. That arm, however, is gonna be out of commission for awhile.
  4. I didn't see the comments you're referring to, but AAA being mentioned as a possibility doesn't surprise me. They have to say something, and "We think AA is the right place for him." would make them sound like idiots. They'd either have to admit that they're keeping him there for financial/control considerations or broach the possibility of keeping him in the minors at a more advanced level. As I've mentioned before, if they didn't plan to give him a spot in the majors they'd have moved him to AAA weeks ago. Of course, this is just speculation and it's always dangerous to predict what baseball management will do.
  5. (MOD HAT - OFF) It makes absolutely no sense to take a snapshot of a player's stats in early May and pretend that that's representative of his results for the year. I can list a dozen players who are seriously under-performing their expected results, but who will probably wind up with good-to-great numbers in September. Look at Goldy's results so far. Is he basically Gallo too? You mention Harper's salary, which is only relevant as a "real life" player. Let's compare Gallo and Harper. One is a career .288 hitter, the other clocks in at a meager .205. OBP shows an 80 point difference, and by coincidence, so does OPS. Wanna guess who owns the outrageously good numbers? There's no comparison in real life, but how about fantasy? Gallo has 12 SBs in career, and only one this year. Harper, despite the slump he's been in for a few weeks, still has 4 SBs already and 66 in his career. RBI's? Gallo hit 41 HRs in 147 games last year, which is great, but he only drove in 80 runs. Harper drove in 85, despite only playing in 111 games. In fact, with 30 fewer games last year Harper had more runs, RBIs, doubles, hits, and half the strikeouts. The only valid criticism of Harper is that he seems to have a hard time staying on the field for a full 162 game season. Still, out of 6 seasons he's played 85% of the games in 3 of them. Gallo has done it once. (MOD HAT - ON) You have been warned about trolling. Your long habit of waiting until a good player is in the midst of a slump, and then dropping some ludicrous comments into the player thread just to see the reaction has been repeatedly noted. I don't know if you just like being called out, or if your league mates watch this forum and you try to feed them false information. Honestly, I don't care. I know that you don't really believe that Gallo is equal to Harper. I'm not going to spend any time trying to figure out what your motivation is for saying it, because it's not important. My only goal as a moderator here is to provide for an orderly, useful exchange of genuine knowledge and ideas, and to stop people who try to interfere with that process. I'll put this clearly, and I'll do it in public because somehow the private messages aren't sinking in: Stop trolling. Stop using a week or a month of bad performance to disingenuously portray good players as failures. You know enough about baseball and stats to avoid small samples that don't give a valid representation of likely outcomes. Please note that this is coming from a moderator who has always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I'm tired of being embarrassed by you and posts like the ones in this thread. There's lies, damned lies, and Mevins, and it has to stop. If you disagree with anything here, PM me if you must, but DO NOT REPLY HERE.
  6. Norris doing his best to make Holland look good.
  7. Well, last night's start didn't exactly inspire confidence. He had nothing and was hit often and hard. Of course, not having a spring training and then being injured for weeks leaves open the possibility that he just wasn't ready to pitch yet. Being under the care of the Mets medical and training staff always seems to make good pitchers bad and mediocre pitchers unplayable.
  8. I have to wonder if it's related to their recent acquisition by Verizon. Now that they're lumped into the same bucket ("Oath") as AOL, bad things are bound to happen.
  9. It looks like the Yankees are being smart and methodical. Torres is only 21 and lost a year to injury, so I don't think this is about control. They took steps to make their infield pretty good without having to rush Torres back, and now they'll let that play out. Drury and Walker might be surprisingly good, but at the very least they'll probably hold their own. It makes sense to let Gleyber shake off the rust in AAA for 100 ABs and then look at his progress vs. what the veterans are doing. It's a long season and an even longer career, so the only people who should care about a spring, summer, or 2019 arrival are fantasy owners, and we don't count.
  10. Daniel Palka could be an asset this year. He's 26, but acquired off waivers by the White Sox who could use a lefty power bat in their lineup. Fell off a bit last year as he seems to have tried to work on his abysmal K rate, but in 2016 he hit 34 homers between AA and AAA. His ceiling is probably Adam Duvall, but that wouldn't be a bad return on a guy who's almost certainly going undrafted by, well...everyone.
  11. It's way too early to have this discussion in the main forum, and so far it's just a bunch of guys offering speculative opinions based on things that may or may not be true once the 2018/2019 season actually starts. Once the current season is complete and a little time has passed for teams to make leadership changes and player moves, this discussion can continue. For now, you are welcome to ask for keeper advice and rankings in the Assistant Coach forum.
  12. I'm a bit surprised that no one has mentioned Gleyber Torres. Of course it'll depend on his recovery from TJ, Yankee off-season trades/acquisitions, and what he does in ST, but he has a chance to open the season as a starting infielder for one of the best offensive lineups in baseball.
  13. FYI, this post is fine and doesn't cross the line into Assistant Coach content. It's general, mentions a few generally available options, and gives some analysis. Where we run into trouble with posts like this are replies that veer off into extended discussions of Bortles vs. Taylor (Off-topic) or specific questions ("I want to add Flacco, should I drop X or Y"). As long as the discussion remains focused on Flacco and doesn't include anyone's team/league/roster decisions, it's fair game. Carry on...