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  1. Thanks. I couldn’t decide between 4 and 9, but decided to take 4 and planning on going Kamara, unless things sound bad in the next couple days regarding contract.
  2. 12 team non-PPR Our league has a random drawing to select order to CHOOSE your draft spot. What pick would you want if you could choose? 4 to get the last of the top tier RBs? 5/6 to get Cook or CEH?
  3. I have the make the same decision except my Gurley replacement is J.Williams. I would play Mack. Gurley is too risky. Would you do the same with Williams if you see me?
  4. I'm in the 2nd week of a 2 week championship match up and down by 16. If we don't hear anything about Gurley before the first games kickoff, I could either start J. Williams in his spot, or wait until the afternoon games and hope for Gurley, or start one of the backups if he's out. Do I risk missing out on getting Gurley and play it safe with Williams? Or will Williams/CJ probably be close enough that it's worth waiting to see what happens?
  5. I always start a RB in my flex spot, so I’m not sure I need 4WRs. Plus, WR is the deepest position on the waiver wire. So I’m leaning toward dropping Boyd or Sanders for him. Is that a mistake? The reason I’d consider dropping such a good player is for the TE eligibility. Seems pretty nice to think about plugging an RB1 into my TE slot in the playoffs.
  6. Playing in a Yahoo league, where Samuels has RB/TE eligibility. I’m in the playoffs and about to play the 1 seed. Who on my roster would you drop? Ware? Boyd? Sanders? One of my QBs? I know none of them are really good drop candidates, but if Conner has a multi week injury, I hate to let another team snag him. But who do I drop? (12 team standard league.) QB: Watson, Winston RB: Chubb, Fournette, Keryon Johnson,D. Cook, Ware WR: OBJ, Gordon, Sanders, Boyd TE: Cook
  7. Got to either start Brown this week or drop him for Miller. Standard league. What say you?
  8. Ive only carried 1 QB all season. Currently it’s Fitz. Playoffs start this week (I know....weird). Should I drop him and get Manning, Mariota or Lamar Jackson? Should o start Fitz this week and hope he gets back to scoring TDs and doesn’t get pulled? Should I stash Fitz because his schedule is good assuming he keeps his job? Should I carry 2 qbs and stash Lamar Jackson in case he ends up being a star? Help!
  9. Standard league. Must start 1 of Breida, Ekeler, Sony or Collins. Got to make a decision soon whether to start Breida or not (TNF). Downside is that Beathard is out. SF rolling with a QB who hasn’t thrown a pass. And Breida is fragile. Sony would be my first choice if healthy. Problem is NE plays on SNF so I might not know until late if he’ll play or not, and them be screwed if he sits. Ekeler could be a safe choice for 6-7 points in his usual role, and might be big if Gordon sits. But is he a better option than Breida tonight? And then there’s Collins. Pro is that there are no injury concerns. Con is that he’s Collins.
  10. Non PPR. I have room for one of those guys on my bench to go along with my other WRs. (Sanders, Gordon, Boyd). How would you rank these guys for the ROS? I’m looking for a potential league winner type stash more than a steady 7-8 points. Cooper Jordy Godwin TraQuan
  11. I’m in first place in a 12 team standard league. Trying to set my waiver priorities for tonight and can’t decide how high to prioritize getting Gio? Also available are Jordy Nelson, Mostert, TraQuan Smith, Jalen Richard. Should Gio be my top priority even though he isn’t playing this week? Or would one of the others help me more long term? QB - Winston, Dalton RB - Gurly, Mixon, Sony, Collins, Breida, Ekeler, Jones WR - Beckham, Gordon, J. Brown, (Goodwin...he’s who I’d be dropping to get one of the guys listed above) TE - Kittle
  12. For the rest of the season, which 2 of these 3 would you want on your roster? Russell Wilson Andy Dalton Jameis Winston I hate carrying 2 QB's, but....I drafted Wilson and he's been pretty bad, and the SEA offense doesn't show much promise of improving. Thankfully, I picked up Dalton and started him this week. Winston is avilable to pick up. I'm considering dropping Wilson for Jameis, as weird as that sounds to do. But I don't want to be kicking myself later in the season if Wilson decides to turn it on the way he did last year. But on the other side of the coin, I'm just not sure that's possible now with the state of their offense/game plan. Meanwhile, the TB offense seems to have a desire and a need to air it out week after week. Thoughts?
  13. Standard league, Semi Finals. Help with my RB2. Should I start : Mike Davis vs LAR or S. Perine vs. Ari Thanks!
  14. Standard league Who do I start this week? Olsen (if he plays) or Seals Jones?