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  1. The Texans O-Line is horrid, so there's a great chance Duke Johnson gets a lot of run regardless of what they do to replace Miller
  2. Texans like multiple facets Duke Johnson brings Aaron Wilson , Houston Chronicle Aug. 21, 2019 Updated: Aug. 21, 2019 9:05 p.m. Comments Texans running back Duke Johnson turns upfield after making a catch during Wednesday’s training camp session. Photo: Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer The Texans’ vision for new running back Duke Johnson has taken on a familiar look. It’s reminiscent of the multidimensional way the defending AFC South champions utilized retired Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster in the passing game and how the New England Patriots once capitalized on the skills of Kevin Faulk and Danny Woodhead. During the first season Bill O’Brien coached the Texans, Foster caught 38 passes, including five for touchdowns. Two seasons ago, Johnson caught 74 passes for 693 yards and three touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns. He has 235 career receptions for 2,170 yards and eight scores. “We’re moving him around a lot,” O’Brien said of Johnson, who began practicing with his new team Wednesday after recovering from a strained hamstring. “He’s a really smart guy. He’s able to learn what we’re doing. “I’ve been fortunate. Here in Houston, we had Arian Foster, who was a tremendous receiving back. He was really an excellent running back, but his passing-game ability was unbelievable. When I was in New England, we had Kevin Faulk and Danny Woodhead and guys like that who are really good players. So yeah, Duke’s done a good job learning, and he’s had a good couple days back.” A former University of Miami standout acquired via a trade for a conditional 2020 fourth-round draft pick that becomes a third-round selection if he’s active for 10 games, Johnson has rushed for 1,286 yards and five touchdowns. He averaged 5 yards per carry last season but plummeted on the Cleveland depth chart and became expendable behind Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt this year. The Texans are intrigued by the possibilities of Johnson working in tandem with running back Lamar Miller and quarterback Deshaun Watson. “He’s an electric guy,” Watson said. “Everyone around the league knows what Duke Johnson can do, what he did for Cleveland at his time there. He’s a guy that’s going to bring a lot of energy, a lot of extra talent, and he can do a lot of different things for us.” The Texans envision Johnson, who is under contract through the 2021 season, providing explosiveness to their offense.
  3. Indy Colts have the #10 Ranked O-Line per PFF https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-6
  4. Only problem here is that you've got to be skeptical of anything coaches say. They think there is some advantage to keeping their opponents guessing. Remember when Dalvin Cook had "cramps" two weeks ago?
  5. The NFL tracks that here: https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/rushing/2018 Like I said, I think Royce faces more because the Broncos have been very predictable when he's in there. When the coaches are doing their jobs, a RB should almost never see 8 man fronts. Todd Gurley never sees them and defenses are obviously worried about him. The one exception to that rule is when a RB is getting heavy usage. If a RB gets used enough, defenses ought to at least mix in some 8 man front. When they don't it leads me to believe that they aren't that worried about stopping the run. Obviously this isn't scientific, so you might very well draw different conclusions.
  6. The Cowboys offense as currently constituted is focused on getting DBs out of the run game picture. They do almost nothing to create openings for the passing game. You seldom see Dak Prescott going through progressions, usually that's because there's nothing there.
  7. That's what he was drafted to be. But everything else we've seen has not lived up to that idea. It looks like the opportunity is there. But at the end of the day, it comes down to whether he's actually good. For the record, Jamaal Charles is a ridiculous comparison. I'd settle for "Poor Man's Jamaal Charles"
  8. Royce Freeman faces as many 8 man fronts as any RB in football. Lindsay faces very few. It's an indication of what the defense is trying to take away. In Freeman's case it's because the Broncos have been very un-creative when he's in there. So defenses have been able to over-commit to stopping him without fear of being made to pay elsewhere. I see that changing. In Lindsay's case I believe it's because defenses believe that the Broncos aren't going to sustain drives if Lindsay is given the ball frequently. Basically he's going to break a big play here and there but he's also going to get stuffed a lot.
  9. Good news, bad news on usage this week. Good news: Snap counts roughly equal. More passes. Better use of Freeman when he didn't get the ball (i.e. more play-action, more misdirection, time and space to throw the ball was successfully created). Bad news: Freeman got the short end of the touches So although this didn't produce any confidence building from the standpoint of Freeman being a good fantasy play, I believe the Broncos took a step in that direction. The bottom line is that when Lindsay is in, he's going to get the ball because the defense is more concerned with stopping everyone else. When Freeman is in, the defense focuses on stopping him ... which unlocks the rest of the team. So long as the team doesn't believe that Lindsay is their go-to option, opening things up for the team is going to be preferred. So if Lindsay keeps getting what's blocked and not much more, his usage should decline.
  10. I think I'd rather have Miller than Foreman, but that's not saying much. that's a very tough injury that Foreman is trying to overcome.
  11. [Removed Cool Story] Another website (rhymes with pantasyfros) has his trade value at: Marshawn Lynch, Sony Michel, Tevin Coleman, Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman.
  12. Kind of. Down the stretch last year it was every other game between AK and Ingram as to who went off. In the championship it was off BTW.
  13. Jordan Howard. Hang wringing there is over-blown. Look at the snaps. Trubisky isn't throwing 6 TDs every week.