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  1. I made the finals but lost Godwin. Deep league so FA is slim pickings. Which to start? Justin Watson Westbrook Diontae Johnson if juju sits
  2. Both have good match ups. I have been starting Winston but his injury worries me. I’ve lost QBs mid-game in the past during playoff weeks.
  3. Anthony Miller or Dede? Penny or Ekeler at RB2? I have Kamara starting although I hate his match up.
  4. I put Jones in my line up. Ekeler seems to be back in the role he has always had when Gordon is healthy.
  5. I’m leaning Ronald Jones due to match up and the appearance that he has taken over.
  6. I have Diontae Johnson if Godwin doesn’t play
  7. It’s a dynasty league with deep rosters. Injury at QB forcing this bad choice.