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  1. I say this as someone who does not own him in any league Im in, but I equate catchers, especially if its a 2-C league a bit to tight end in football and I just think Realmuto and the value he provides and the difference he provides in the counting stats, HR and batting average comped to pretty much the entire position might be one of the bigger gaps in the game which is why (and it was one of the more unpopular picks) that I took him late 2nd round/early third turn in the Way too early Mock. The batting avg for most especially in a season long roto because catchers tend to have the least at-bats of your players is something I tend to not factor as much as some others, I mean sure you dont was a .192 guy if you can avoid it, but if someone is hitting .240 and popping you 20HR thats fine.
  2. There are a few ugly situations - Pittsburgh C possibilities from a fantasy standpoint kind of stink. Cant see McCann being a 1-2 day a week backup on the South side, perhaps a trade there? Or maybe a signing of Beef Wellington Castillo who at least has some fantasy upside. Another one who is somewhat intriguing as possibly a deeper dive is Eric Haase, he was recently traded to Detroit, which has a decent pathway to some PT. Haase has hit 20HR three straight seasons in the minors, so there is some power upside there.
  3. Agree, by the time March roles around, especially in 2 Catcher leagues, the Milwaukee narrative will boost him up
  4. Some C thoughts - Travis D'Arnaud had an amazing breakout after being on 3 teams last year - signed in ATL I see on Roster Resrouce they currently have him slotted to hit 4th? Buster Posey - will be interested to see any report on hips - he was so bad last year and had hip surgery offseason before - is he Mauer 2.0 or can he bounceback, his playing time and role with current ADP and where he seems to go makes him pretty appealing. Vasquez and Perez both were 20HR guys I dont want much of this season. Milwaukee is a great landing spot for Navarez. Some deeper guys: Dom Nunez is one of the better hitting C in Colorado org - he came up end of last year - his 17HR in 250MiLB at bats Austin Allen in Oakland could be in for bigger role than some may realize - same age has Murphy similar minor league stats and on the better side of the platoon - acq for profar
  5. Do we see Murphy as a Full time guy? Ending last year I thought for sure job was his like 5 days a week, but watch out for a platoon with Austin Allen, who bats lefty, was the guy they got from the Pads for Profar. They are both 25 both coming off big seasons where they lit up PCL pitching - this week I am doing my catcher dive as part of my two positions per week ramping up towards draft season and watching the A's use the platoon and the type of deals they have made, I just feel like Allen is a guy they like a lot. He has had three straight 20HR seasons in the minors with avg going up each of those three years 280-290 then 330 in the PCL.
  6. So with 25-1 odds to win the Super Bowl this year they go 8-8 and fire the coach (thankfully) but then replace him with a Coach who was 4-7-1 last season of a team that was 12-1 odds to win the Super Bowl? How exactly does this generate a lot of excitement that they will actually meet expectations? Jason Garrett was a horrible hire, evident by the fact that in his first season Cowboys blew more 12+ point 4th quarter leads than the Franchise had in the entire 50 previous years of them playing football combined, but hey everyone lets replace him with a guy who blew a 12 point lead with 3 minutes left in the NFC title game? As the song Wont Get Fooled Again says "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".... Jerry Jones is a fraud, guy talks about wanting to win a Super Bowl and doing all he can, but one essential component to doing that in the modern NFL is the head coach, and his judgement on this is ridiculous.
  7. curious what your tie breakers are? Our championship game ended in a tie, its not a league I commissioner, so I know what I would do, which is first and foremost have decimal scoring. Our tie breaker in my main league, if by some miracle teams tie in playoffs with decimal scoring is the higher seed moves on or wins the Championship in the case of a tie.
  8. IF the league is truly over with nothing to play for, there should be no transactions once everyone is locked going into your last week and blind bid should be done the week before unless its common place to buy lottery tickets week 17. This is where as commish you need to set rules, even if the "system" lets people process because you forgot to set.
  9. One of my secondary leagues, I made the Championship game - kind of lucky to do so as a result of Julio and Philly D last week - but alas there I was and was looking good until 2nd half aaron jones, where we end up tied. I have been telling this league for years they need to do decimal scoring, and we had two ties, one in the semis involving another team and now one in the ship where I was involved. As the No.1 Seed in the playoffs I assumed that this was either a tie co-championship which I was fine with OR I would win. But the tie breaker of a game in the playoffs is to go back to head to head weekly matchup,
  10. Although I will say Julio probably catches the ball for a TD and the yards and the catch that ended up PI and setting up the 1-yard fullback plunge 75% of the time, so Julio owners were a little unfortunate on that one.
  11. My opponent should be ranting somewhere - I beat him by 4 - we had a classic shootout with 160+ meanwhile the other game was a tie in the 120's - but to beat him by 4 I received the ridiculous Philadelphia D touchdown and then Julio Jones, so many things led up to that TD, if Kittle doesnt fumble out of bounds, he might get first and ATL never gets the ball back, then the Hooper TD looked pretty good but gets overturned to no TD setting up the opp that Julio got that by inches scored. Crazy....
  12. Problem for the Giants is that the guys on their roster are not "poor" they are grossly overpaid for their current level of production, combined with the fact they are near-MLB ready prospect poor and you have yourself a combination that stinks. They are slated to pay $125 Million to following players in 2020: Posey, Cueto, Samardzija, Belt, Crawford, Longoria, Cozart (who at least they used their money to pull a 1st round pick from last year).
  13. In part because one struggles to stay healthy? I hear what you are saying and it bears out a little bit with MadBum, he had the worst hard contact rate for qualified starters last year, bottom line he aint fooling as many as he used to and who is he gonna fool 2-3 years from now?
  14. Old stadium had that ridiculous jet stream out to RCF/RF, so sometimes it dimensions sometimes its conditions. I would have to think the newer park being inside wont have those kinds of conditions but who knows.
  15. I think some people like the concept of lineup choices, but I also like the concept of Bestball formats - I wish there was some sort of hybrid, where like 1 or 2 lineup spots were best-ball