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  1. Thanks - the set up gave me concerns, so we ended up going back to MFL and doing the auction on Fandraft which is excellent. The fact CBS didnt seem to have clear setup options, made me concerned about what it would be and since its more expensive than MFL and Fandraft combined - was an easy decision to go back
  2. Had solid game, Im sure given ADP most would take that output each one concern would be that he didnt seem to do much while the game was competitive, really racked up catches and yards when they were down and kind of garbage time, which honestly garbage time is big part of the fantasy game, but I would of liked to see him scoring more when games was more competitive, that would be my minor nit pick for week 1.
  3. If Evans is out going Lamb or Hunt, though not sure these are Hail Mary's
  4. Anyone doing CBS auctions? our league is normally a live auction keeper, but this year due to restrictions makes most sense to do auction online, we will zoom the whole group, but just too difficult to tell who got what bid etc, and CBS appears to have a live salary cap draft (assume that translates to what most would call an auction) So in trying to set some things up Im running into some challenges hoping someone might have answers - 1. League is already set up, rosters still there from last year, etc, guys need to cut down to 4 keepers - but when I go to set the auction cap limit at $200, its says because of current rosters, etc, the number must be set at $242, we thought maybe some teams were over $200 so we trimmed obvious non keepers to get everyone under, and still 242. Any ideas what the issue is? 2. I see settings for time, call out, bid time etc. But I do not see any $ settings, like minimimum bid OR a setting where team must have enough remaining after bid to go $1 per slot, so if have $5 left and 3 spots, most they can bid is $3, which would leave $2 for remaining 2 spots. I see no settings whatsoever that deal with these issues. 3. Assume there is in auction settings, like commissioners can pause the auction etc, but just not seeing it at this point. Any thoughts on these or advice on online auction on CBS would be appreciated.
  5. Will be interested to see if there is any philosophical change with regards to the C slot - not breaking any news here but Hedges is a defensive first guy, Mejia is bat first catcher - Padres if they are gonna do anything need to get their pitching going, so with that being a priority and C being a part of that equation, my hunch is that the split we saw last year in terms of starts, despite Hedges struggles at the plate will remain the same.
  6. Pretty limted appeal unless Dodgers commit not only to him in the rotation but also to letting him go. The problem with the yo yo from pen to rotation is that he is not stretched out to go that deep. If you are in a straight QS league where SP needs to go 6? Its tough as I think he only went 6+ like 2 or 3 times and most of those were early in the year. I remember a day game at Cubbies, they yanked him up like 5-0 after 4 and 2/3 and it was at that point that I knew in standard sized leagues probably needed to cut bait.
  7. Not sure if it speaks to their immense talent, the lack of impact prospects or just a trend "ranking correction" for this type of player, but to me it seems like more of the first year picks from last June are higher than they would typically be. Rutschman, Witt and Vaughn in most rankings are very high, I mean MLB Rutschman is average like top 4-6
  8. Here are a few: Ohtani wins AL MVP Bryce Harper is NL MVP (hits 45+HR) Blake Treinan ends up leading Dodgers in saves David Dahl plays 150 games Andrew McCutchen tops 130 runs scored Kyle Tucker puts up season to land himself as top 25 pick in 2021 Brandon Belt has the out of nowhere 30HR season for 2020
  9. Catcher is probably one of the settings lineup configuration swings when it comes to value. If its a straight head to head league, I think some of the "volume" disparity you might see in Runs/RBI heck even SB for some of those guys that might get 6+ SB's just doesnt play out week to week day to day - but in a season long? I really focus on Runs and RBI volume especially in 2 Catcher leagues, which is the other huge factor. I actually dont think people value Realmuto enough, especially in 2 Catcher Roto settings, I caught some guff in the Mock we did in the fall, I think I took him near the 2-3 turn which many thought way too early, but to me, his value gap especially in Runs and RBI's I think gives you a great advantage and his average, especially for catcher who will probably lead C in at-bats the runs RBI combo gap between Realmuto and even a good C like Contreras last year is the equivalent of the gap last year between Nolan Arenado and Yuli Gurriel. Time and time - in my season long roto, which is 2 catchers, the teams who finish high and cash often will not be weak at C. Last year team who won had Realmuto, I was second had Sanchez.
  10. Hopefully he starts and Flores is there to be the backup at the 3 IF spots - Crawford is owed $30 Million over next two seasons
  11. 2B is kind of interesting because so many of the say 2b1 guys having multiple position eligibility - I think I counted 14 of my top 20 can be slotted elsewhere so its one of those things in an auction or draft where its hard sometimes to find the "baseline" or what I call the $1 line or the Do Not Draft line I dont think there is a top tier, I actually have about 7-8 guys in a top tier that depending on your needs I can see people going with.
  12. Our league has had the discussion several times, and the thought was in our league which is typically 13 teams, sometimes 12 that having Saves + Holds would essentially turn relief pitchers into kickers - just would flood the market and in an auction keeper league, to change value of players (which we thought it would) would need to be at least a year out. So it will always lessen the value, I think the depth of the league will determine how much. If your talking like a 12- team "only" league (AL or NL only). I think though in like a standard sized mixed league, probably has bigger impact on lessening the value. We ended up going with Save + Hold/2 So essentially a Save is worth 1 and a Hold is worth .5
  13. One of my all timers - HOF Goose Gossage - ended his career with the M's and earned the final save of his career, the 3-inning blowout game variety on the last day before the strike in 1994 - final batter he faced in his career Jose Canseco.
  14. Jeter is Paul Molitor (who was first ballot with like 85%)- I kind of agree with some that he is for sure a HOF but nobody says when you have to go and if Willie Mays and Hank Aaron are not unanimous, than I can give a hoot who else is not. When I looked at some of the votes, one guy down on the bottom that I think could of gotten a little more love was Cliff Lee, who got only 2 votes. Won a Cy and actually had a couple more seasons that were statistically better than that Cy year. Had really strong ratios in the 7 post seasons he pitched in.
  15. One of the things I think this might be telling you, in that its a keeper league and your best value is in pitching is that individual leagues the value can vary (sometimes quite a bit) depending on how the league tends to spend its resources, I would be a little cautious about the 9 pitchers and while they might be value in some generator are they really a value in the actual league draft/auction?