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  1. I'm possibly looking to join another as well in that price range if draft is in the next few days
  2. $100 buy in, is that good? If so you are next in line if someone doesn't join
  3. @whoozsportz @totalhealth1 Sent you guys league and leaguesafe invites. If you guys could join both ASAP, you are both in. Thanks
  4. I have 1 unpaid who recently joined and 1 who I recently invited who has not yet joined. If these two have not joined and paid by around 7:00 I will take more replacements. Draft is tonight at 10 PM EST, $100 buy in
  5. 2 have not yet paid. Just sent an invite to the first two who were interested. Thanks
  6. Hey guys- thank you for your interest. I’m currently full but waiting on 3 owners to pay. I’m giving them until around 6:00 EST before I’ll start inviting replacements. Thanks
  7. Whoops. $100 buy in, meant to include that in the title. Sent both of you guys an invite if still interested.
  8. Have 6 owners so far who have joined and paid. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.
  9. Yes
  10. at least 4 spots left. heading out for the night shortly but feel free to post your email here or PM me if you're interested. Thanks guys
  11. Ok guys- settings are all finalized and can be seen on the league page. 12 teams, snake draft tomorrow at 10 PM EST, extra flex, PPR. Payout info is on the LM note but here it is as well. Sending out invites now. Thanks 1st: $7002nd: $3003rd: $100Most points scored in the regular season: $100In the unfortunate event that the season is shortened and is over before the completion of our fantasy playoffs, a weekly points winner (50 % of the pot and divided it by the number of weeks actually played) Then the other 50% of the pot gets split 75/25 for 1st and 2nd place in terms of total points scored.So in a hypothetical 10 week shortened season, it would be $60 to each weekly winner (half of $1200, divided by 10 weeks). Then $450 for 1st place in points and $150 for 2nd place in points