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  1. They pissed off the Indians’ organization and most importantly the Dean or The Godfather, Terry Francona. Look what happened to Trevor Bauer when he had that outburst of tossing that ball. Francona don’t stand for any BS, he don’t have to! Plesac and Clevinger are not automatics to get back to the show anytime soon. And it will be on Terry’s terms.
  2. Happy Nola Day. In 2019 he seemed to pitch on cold, windy, rainy, inclement weather days. When the weather warmed, so did he. His collapse in Sept was concerning but he’s now a top #7 SP.
  3. The Dodgers want to protect the young arms of Urias, May and Gonsolin. A six man rotation is extremely feasible because the Dodgers have the arms to pull that off
  4. Mired in an 0 fer 12 drought, since he last went yard.
  5. The Burnses numbers are hard to assess. Start, relive, in and out. Like to see Burnes get the ball every fifth day and throw gas for as long as he can be effective. It’s not coincidental that the Brewers are a mess. Making Burnes a confirmed SP will go a long way toward rectifying that mess.
  6. Snell’s arm concerns are enough to push me comfortably enough into the Max side. Albies and Moncada are essentially a wash.
  7. Mookie is the best player in the deal, but Vlad might be the next. Don’t see what this trade accomplishes except maybe a break in boredom during the shutdown.
  8. Yeah, I went heavy risk/reward/upside picks, reaching early and often. Worst case scenario it costs me a roster spot until I need it. If there was ever a year to strategize outside the box, this is probably it. Middle guys will get W's too. Starters may be called upon for 4-5 inning stints. Chances are the lead will change hands in those all important middle innings as lesser ranked middle relievers will be called upon. I play in a S+H league so I grabbed zero closers and went for ratio and K guys. Your right, everyone will get a chance to save. Plus a Hold is as good as a Save, so why pay for Saves when you can grab a Karinchak, Bummer, Pomeranz much later.
  9. Sorry you misread my thoughts on Bryant’s ceiling. Let me rephrase: We may have already seen Bryant’s ceiling. Not so sure the best is yet to come. He is what he is.
  10. Looks like a big bump for Karinchak. Let’s not forget Nick Wittgren
  11. So totally not true. Ever hear of Giancarlo Stanton? He’s definitely not a full time OF. Gary Sanchez is gonna do his share of DH/C especially with the condensed schedule. No, he’s not catching both ends of the doubleheader. And Hicks will be back at some point during this condensed season. Andujar will find ABs at 1/3B, possible in the corner OF(LF) as well as DH. A full time, Big Popi, Kris Davis type DH, he definitely is not.
  12. Brantley is a solid average and OBP guy. Lowe is gonna get jerked around in Tampa. They love to platoon everyone.
  13. Judge is not going to play, at least not at this point in his career. If anyone steals Voit’s playing time it will be Ford. And don’t forget Andujar.
  14. Adel is a meh prospect? Behind Franco, I’ve seen him rated as high as #2. Whether he pans out, is anyone’s guess. On the other hand, I’m not so certain we haven’t seen Bryant’s ceiling. It’s certainly a fair deal. I guess I give more credence to the upside of Adel and Manning.