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  1. yep, NBA season might resume but fantasy will not
  2. Please do not even compare Jordan and LeBron in the finals. One of them is winner (100% winning percentage in the finals), the other one is loser (37.5%). Only categories where LeBron is better than Jordan in the finals are: rebounds (3 inches taller than Jordan,that helps a little) blocks assists (LeBron is better passer than Jordan, but still Jordan averaged 6 assists. 3PM (on more attempts and with worse 3PT%) LeBron vs Jordan finals stats GP 49 vs 35 PPG 28.2 vs 33.6 RPG 10 vs 6 APG 7.7 vs 6.0 SPG 1.8 vs 1.8 BPG 0.9 vs 0.7 3PM 1.8 vs 1.2 FG% 47.2 vs 48.1 FT% 73.9 vs 80.6 TPG 4.0 vs 2.8 FGM 10.6 vs 12.5 FGA 22.5 vs 26.0 3PA 5.1 vs 3.3 3P% 34.3 vs 36.8 FTM 5.2 vs 7.4 FTA 7.1 vs 9.1 +/- -122 vs +45 Titles 3 vs 6 Finals 8 vs 6
  3. I just watched 1st half of game 3, 2014 finals where Spurs scored 71 point (75.8% FG%) in first half against LeBron and the Heat. Can somebody remind me when something like that happened to Jordan? P.S. "Bronsexuals" - that is a good one 😂
  4. Even if you are retired or on disability with Medicare you still have to pay 20%? And in 2019, 60 of USA biggest companies paid no federal tax at all? I will never understand USA
  5. How is Medicare coverage compared to employer coverage? Is there time limit on how long you can keep Medicare?
  6. Rodman made first NBA All-Defensive Team 8 times, in 1989-93, 1995, 1996 Jordan made it in 9 times, 1988–1993, 1996–1998 Pippen made it 8 times, 1991–92 to 1998–99 From 96-98, Rodman made only one NBA All-Defensive Team in 1996, Jordan and Pippen made it 3 times. My point is: I trust NBA folks when they select All-NBA teams more than opinions expressed on RW forums. Jordan and Pippen were 2 best Chicago defenders from 96-98, Rodman is 3rd
  7. And yet Jordan made it to NBA All-Defensive Team from 96 - 98. Fun fake fact 😁
  8. @Quazza I wish USA all the best. Hopefully the people will realize that some things, like health care and education, should be free and available to everyone. My little neck of the woods (British Columbia) with free health care is doing just fine. On Vancouver Island where I am, some Costco stores even had toilet paper in stock (not free).
  9. It is also interesting how nobody mentions how strong East was during 90s
  10. So NBA in 90s was like YMCA? If you aren't old enough to watch NBA in the 90s, try You Tube
  11. And the argument that Jordan was lucky to play "old and injured " teams in the finals... LeBron and company lost to Spurs in 2014 finals where(on average) 7 year old Duncan played 33 min per game and 36 year old Manu played 28.6. In 2011, Jason Kidd, age 37, averaged 37.5 min per game. Winning East was much more difficult during Jordan years.
  12. LeBron is better businessman. Jordan is better in every other category.
  13. Using links above, as of 2PM PST April 2: USA confirmed cases 236,339 ; USA population: 327,096,265 USA 236,339 / 327,096,265 = 0,00072 Italy 115,242 / 60,627,291 = 0.0019 You are correct. Italy data was off.