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  1. Never ending debate.... I need to ask: what is the ultimate goal in every sport? In my opinion it is to win it all. For me, MJ vs LBJ debate is decided by that criteria. You can always find stats that favours one or another. But how you perform when the stakes are the highest decides greatness. NBA finals in 2011and 2014 are the reason why MJ is GOAT in my books. On the side note, LBJ career reminds me a lot of Kareem's career
  2. here is another one
  3. Lakers won. Congratulations! I will admit that I was wrong. For LBJ vs MJ debate, it's MJ for me. Dallas in 2011 and Spurs in 2014 are the reasons. Zach Lowe explained it here:
  4. When you are dead, you don't know you are dead. It's only painful and dificult for others. The same applies when you are stupid.
  5. Congratulations to Jimmy Buttler and the Miami Heat on well deserved win!
  6. First, I need to let you know that English is not my first language and I might not understand all the language nuances and their meanings. And despite my better judgement I am going to respond: First, @GriffeySwag I find this to be extremely misogynist and racist. If I am mistaken, please explain to me why it isn't (either here or via direct message). And second, I would rather be dumb than you. For reasons why, see above. If I get banned/suspended from this forums for calling out racist and misogynist stuff, so be it. I don't mind when people react and comment on my posts (regardless if I was right or wrong), that is the best part of this forums. Also, I was clearly wrong about Lakers this season (on the side note I wish we could have seen Clippers-Lakers series, it would have been a good one).
  7. Doesn't count, game has already started and Butler just rolled his ankle
  8. I don't have one, I just want to see 7 games ( get as much basketball as possible). And double overtime, with LBJ, AD, Howard, Rondo, Bam, Dragic, Igoudala and Buttler all fouling out in 4th quarter. Watching Caruso/KCP/Green/ Morris/Kuzma going against Herro/Robinson/Jones/Crowder/Olynyk in 2nd overtime in game 7 would be awesome. On the more serious note, I think there will be less than 10 points difference in every game. Lakers in 7.
  9. I think Raptors and FVV will get deal done 🤞. Harrell might end on Spurs roster if he accepts veteran minimum or Spurs management goes crazy. However, Aldridge for Zubac, Beverley and McGruder works salary wise. Clippers have very limited options in free agency. This trade gives them better starter, they can sign (overpay) for Harrell and can run Lou/Harrell pick and roll next year. if PG and Kawhi do not pick up their player options they can go full rebuild mode. Aldridge at this age should be good to go 26-28 minutes and Harrell can play the rest In other words Clippers can improve for next season, while keeping flexibility going forward. For Spurs, they get better C than Poeltl and save some salary
  10. What happened to LeBron in the 2010 series the Cavs lost to Boston? Did he quit or was he injured?
  11. From fantasy point of view this is a good news.
  12. Pascal in semis was terrible. Gasol is 35 years old, he will probably go to Europe. If not, short deal with Raptors wouldn't be too bad. On the other hand, OG showed up in this playoffs, he is going to be good
  13. I hope FVV and Ibaka are back. Gasol, I don't care. Raptors overachieved this year, same as Heat. Future for Pascal and Raptors is bright
  14. ok Lakers fans, what are your predictions for WCF? How many games will it take and who will win? Me and (almost) everyone else was wrong about Clippers, I will admit that. Put me on trial for it please.
  15. agre Don't forget that block by Crowder at the end of regulation. As Raptors fan, I want Heat to win in 4