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  1. When I said "I am so disappointed in this guy, he did not become All-Star captain. only a starter...", where did I say that Pascal is <whatever> level of player? It's is my personal opinion and I should be allowed to have one. I haven't compared Pascal to any other player. If Pascal does not lead his team to wins, I am very interested to know how do you explain why Raptors record (32-14) is better than Dallas(28-14), Houston (28-14), Wolves (15-31), Portland (20-27), Denver (321-14), Sixers (30-17)? If Jokic, Lillard, KAT , Harden, Embiid are 1st tier players with team records like this, why Pascal isn't?
  2. Green, 3 and D? D, yes, 3? ehh Shooting 37.8% for 3s is not good for someone who is supposed to be 3 and D player. his 3p% is 124th amongst players that have more than 1 3PM and played in more than 20 games this year
  3. "KCP- Before he came to the Lakers another solid 3/D player from Detroit" Saying that someone was good before and use it as an argument to prove that his current team is good is very strange. Green was barely playable last year in Conference and NBA finals (15% and 26% 3P%). Imagine Redick on Lakers? Morris? Ariza? Holmes? Or C that can shoot 3s (Wagner )? As currently constructed, Lakers need significant upgrade on 3 positions. We are kidding ourselves if we think that (assuming health) Lakers can win 7 games series against Clippers, Bucks or Sixers. They are just too deep and Lakers role players are not that good.
  4. In my opinion Lakers biggest problem is quality depth. Other than AD, all the other signings are questionable. Top 2 players on each team, Lakers are (arguably) the best in the NBA. Counting top 5 players on each team, Lakers are not in top 3 (Bucks, Sixers and Clippers are). They will make it more difficult for AD and LBJ and other guys need to step up. It was obvious tonight that none of the other guys can do it. That is what Lakers have lost against teams that are top 5 heavy. Lakers 3rd, 4th and 5th options are not at the same level as Bucks, Sixers, Clippers.
  5. Let's hear your argument that makes sense then. I know you can do better than someone with
  6. Season&PlayerPosition=F&CF=PTS*GE* Comparing forwards to the guards is like apples and oranges. What should Pascal do to stop being "okay" and start being "good"? Standard 9 cat, BBM rankings for season: Pascal at 32 Hield at 79 Ja at 101. There is a reason Pascal is an All Star.
  7. I am so disappointed in this guy, he did not become All-Star captain. only a starter... I am wondering how people feel about their predictions about Pascal not improving this year and failing as #1 option 🤔 Only his FG% (bye bye 60% dream) and TOs are worse this year, every other category is better 😁
  8. And if Boban is sent to Pistons I bet he would start instead of Wood 🤣
  9. I am going to keep him next week too (DAL has 4 games), just to see what happens. My birthday is coming and I have a feeling Boban will get me a very nice present. After next week, I think we will go our separate ways