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  1. passes the eye test. pops off the screen. who is that!!!
  2. why anyone would hate on trey burke for fantasy is beyond me same token, why anyone would doubt frank's value in real basketball is also nonsense ... as for frank in fantasy, it's anyone's guess
  3. yall are being nuts. it's a 3 guard lineup. this is not a novel idea.
  4. he's just like mitchell, minus the being good part
  5. he's way more atheltic and active than hedu and ingles so i expect more across the board except for 3s
  6. i can't see them giving him big minutes his first year after multiple years of knee problems. also, who is this guys comp? I just don't see it in the highlights.
  7. he always puts up numbers when he plays, but he sucks on d and he's soft as can be. i doubt he'll get run if hornets want to win early in the season.
  8. dunno about fantasy value, but the guy was very exciting to watch. so decisive with his accurate lasers.
  9. if you take lee's arms and extrapolate them out using the laws of bodily transference, you get cole's arms. which are long enough to be a wr1.
  10. as if this is 2004 and there's a full pool of better options
  11. you had to know there would be implosion weeks given it's the bills chargers gotta come east for the buffalo home opener with crazed fans in the building. double digit lock for mccoy this week. if you're still so freaked out, trade him next week. draft day value will be restored, if not elevated b/c suspension fears are dissipating.
  12. Darnold lighting it up for Jets puts more pressure on Browns to unveil Baker, soon
  13. blowing the win there was the worst thing for tyrod and best for baker and best for gordon ROS they win the game it buys tyrod time they tie the game it make mgmt think they got a legit squad, and with a few tweaks they can be winners they woulda won if tyrod knew how to throw
  14. I just traded FOR him in a package. I'm a buyer. Not sure why anyone would be so antsy to sell. He has pedigree. Has been in terrible situations and battled injuries. He's 28. Not old. And finally healthy in a great situation for him. Nothing not to like.
  15. people need to get excited. this kid has wheels and can catch passes. he'll be on the field a good amount. what more do you want.