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  1. 13 hours ago, GmGodine said:

    But Kyle Anderson and Garrett Temple are in?

     this is an interesting one on brooks. 

    i don't understand how people think playing with better players around him is automatically a negative. 

    you could just as easily spin it that dillon brooks will get more open looks with conley healthy. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Zekepeak86 said:

    He is a must sit until lewis gets hurt. At that time, he is also a must sit because Tenn will go grab some other scrub to time share him in. If he was as elite as most of us are hoping, he would be a feature back in Tenn. Without Mariota it probably helps his touches but boxes will be stacked so it really doesnt help. The offense is garbage any way you look at it.


    as if this is 2004 and there's a full pool of better options

  3. you had to know there would be implosion weeks given it's the bills


    chargers gotta come east for the buffalo home opener with crazed fans in the building. double digit lock for mccoy this week. 


    if you're still so freaked out, trade him next week. draft day value will be restored, if not elevated b/c suspension fears are dissipating. 

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  4. blowing the win there was the worst thing for tyrod and best for baker and best for gordon ROS


    they win the game it buys tyrod time


    they tie the game it make mgmt think they got a legit squad, and with a few tweaks they can be winners


    they woulda won if tyrod knew how to throw

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  5. 23 hours ago, Code of Hammurabi said:

    Not sure about that. An empty 14-4 without meaningful contributions in steals, and threes isnt worth much. Its almost impossible to roster a PG in todays nba with deficiencies in both threes and steals and not harm your team build. 


    what kind of league are you in? i don't get this thinking. If you're in h2h and you've got a few other better PGs and Gs and you slot in Rose on the days those guys aren't playing or throw him into Utl or spot and he gets you 18 points and 4 assists and a steal, how is he not an asset on the lower end of your team? How is he impossible to roster? 

  6. Sproles had at least one amazing fantasy year in new orleans. i think it was his second year there. 


    Howard is not a special talent. Good stats last year, but i never saw any special skill. He's quick, but just a straight ahead runner. 


    They will be making Tarik more than a complimentary part of of the game plan. 


    This is Jon Fox, the godfather of the two back approach.