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  1. Didn’t watch the game but based on the box score, it looks like RHJ is outplaying him. Sucks, he was such a boss to start the year.
  2. RBs are great, WRs are pretty bad. Green is a great talent but I had him last year and he’s pretty much an injury scare every single game. Gonna be interesting to see Baker this year, he could be a total stud.
  3. 12 Team Superflex league PPR I give: Michael Thomas and D.Freeman I get: Kamara and Foles QB-Newton WR-Michael Thomas WR-Robby Anderson RB-CMC RB-Fournette RB-Freeman TE-Henry Flex-Marvin Jones Superflex-Moncrief During the draft people starting hoarding QBs pretty early so I only ended with one. I think I’ll probably be able to wait someone out to get a second QB but this doesn’t seem like a bad option either.
  4. The thing about “unleashing” him is that even if the knicks wanted to, they might not be able to. He’s done well lately but he’s perpetually in foul trouble, that tends to limit his PT more than anything else.
  5. The latest RW blurb is pretty much nonsense. Satoransky didn’t “close the game out” because you don’t close the game out when your team is up 30 points. I’d say keeping him on the bench in the 4th quarter of a blowout is pretty standard starter treatment, not worried at all about his playing time going forward.
  6. Still holding him in my 12 man league but the struggle is definitely real. I’m not sure why Brooks doesn’t let this guy play more, seems like he does well with the minutes he’s given. Considering the wizards are going absolutely nowhere this season, it’s bizarre that they don’t see what they have in Bryant.
  7. I’ve had some injury prone guys on my squad over the years but this fool might be the worst. He’s almost worked his way to “stash” at this point, can’t play a full game with starters minutes without getting hurt.
  8. Thanks for the 5 game week Gary. Far more of a headache than he’s worth, probably even more so now that Barton is back.
  9. The same guy is still on here arguing about Adams value, or his perceived lack of. Amazing. Maybe things will change going forward but right now the strength of the offense is the o-line and Adams. As long as gameflow allows for it, I’m not sure how they don’t lean on the running game.
  10. I guess the Packers just loved Adams’ matchup because he was the only one that ran any routes downfield. MVS was on a very steady diet of 10 yard curls and shallowing crossing routes.
  11. There are definitely parts of this that are true but it’s pretty much the most critical view you could have of him as a player. Also, on his big run, he did beat the safety with a stiff arm, trailing defender is who caught him.
  12. If the Eagles are smart they will give this guy about twice the carries he got tonight and start using him to set up play action. Throwing 50 times a games just isn’t a recipe for success, even if it might seem like it based on their personnel.