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  1. My opponent has Lamar and Gesicki rip season
  2. I’d be down for some garbage time Perriman bombs
  3. feels bad when I started the entire Tampa offense
  4. Should be plenty to go around for both TE.
  5. Low chance to score a TD against the 49ers defense. Not a lock for high targets with Everett coming back. I would avoid. I can see a 4 catch 25 yard game
  6. Here we go...
  7. Everett practiced in full yesterday. If he plays then are you pivoting from Higbee to a waiver wire TE? I might, but it would be hard to pull the trigger considering how well Higbee has been playing.
  8. No change in Jordan Howard status for this weekend. If he’s out is Miles a good play this week against Dallas?
  9. Arians + Winston is money. Going to throw deep bombs left and right. Lovin’ it. Arians' coaching philosophy can be summed up with one phrase: “No risk it no biscuit, You can’t live scared.” His former quarterback in Arizona, Carson Palmer, says, “You play for him, you see he just has guts. He will let it rip let it fly no matter what.” He first developed this philosophy when the old timers at the bar he worked at in college told him, "In life you must take risks." During games he will always give the quarterback at least two options based on how the defense lines up. "One option will give us a chance to make a first down and the other option will give us a chance to score a touchdown." All his quarterbacks must believe, “If I have the right match up and the opportunity is there to take a shot at the deep ball, take it. I don’t care if it’s a third and-and-three; if our best receiver is in single coverage and he’s running a deep post route, throw him the goddamn ball.” One thing Arians cannot stand is when coaches play not to lose. He considers conservative coaching to be a cardinal sin. In his book, he writes, “That’s not my way brother. I’ll never be too afraid to throw it and take the heat if it’s incomplete. My job as an offensive coach is not to allow our defense to retake the field.”
  10. I doubt any non-Tampa homer would group Winston with Mahomes/Brees/Jackson, at least in real life. But for fantasy purposes Winston is probably up there in the top tier of QBs. Even if you throw out the games that Mahomes and Brees left early due to injury, Winston is right there with them in scoring on a per game basis and that's very valuable for a guy you got in round 11 vs Mahomes who costed you a 2nd round pick.
  11. Well you can start Winston against the weaker pass defenses and then stream a good matchup QB in the handful of tough matchups he has 😛
  12. #4 fantasy QB on the year. Doesn't matter if he throws 2 INT if he throws 4 TDs. This is a fantasy football forum so his real life impact doesn't matter as long as he is racking up the yards and TDs he will be a special fantasy QB (unless he gets benched but i doubt that will happen this year)
  13. Anyone else here with the Winston/perriman stack? Tampa plays the first game of the week (Saturday morning) so we’ll know our fate early welp