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  1. Idk why they ran him up the middle on 3rd and 1. Use a bigger back or pitch it on the outside
  2. So with Miles officially ruled out for tomorrow, are we starting Scott? Any projections? I'll start. 10 rush, 34 yards. 5 receptions, 45 yards
  3. I sure hope you're right. Would be nice with all these byes/injuries if he came through
  4. Same record for me and also #1 in points against in my league
  5. Dropped for Pollard on a serious note pollard is so underrated I hope he gets traded to a team where he can be a featured back
  6. As someone who started Zeke today... Pollard actually looks really good. He's nimble and patient. Interesting to see if he gets some more work going forward
  7. Is it really going to be Pollard now? Can't believe zeke is killing me