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  1. You don't become a baseball manager being smart.
  2. So you think he gets negative points both games?
  3. h2h league win=6, loss=-2, inning=1, k=1, every 2er=-1, every 3bb=-1, ever 3hits=-1 I can start him 1 game this week. which 1 should I vs Dodgers @Colorado
  4. Why was he taken out after only giving up 2 hits and 85 pitches after 6 innings?
  5. 12 team h2h points I am currently in 1st by 2 games My 1st basemen are Profar, Vogelbach My SP are Scherzer, Morton, Lynn, S. Gray, C. Smith, Lucchesi, Carrasco on IL Should I give up Morton and Vogelbach for Josh Bell and Yamamoto?
  6. I probably have to give up at least Morton? 12 team h2h points My existing 1st base are Vogelbach and Profar. my existing SP are Scherzer, Morton, Carrasco, Lynn, Lucchesi, Bassitt, and Caleb Smith.
  7. Cold streak is turning not so temporary, not to mention he is sitting a lot more.
  8. Which one has more value in a 12 team h2h points league?
  9. I wouldn't worry about Vogelbach either. His run is over. I would also drop Cano though.
  10. He will get his days off, but no loss of standard playing time. There is no platoon.
  11. Lopez is 2nd, Dozier is 1st and DH and some 3B so no chance of lost playing time.