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  1. Bruh, it’s not that deep. He just values KD more than other players. I’ll try to keep it a little different. surprise: Jo Val and Collins I think we all knew Collins would be very good, but I did not expect the block numbers to go up. another player we saw do some damage when traded, but again, didn’t think he would be this good and has been mostly healthy this season. busts: Draymond i think we all knew the warriors would be bad Early on and that Draymond would be rested As often as possible. But when healthy, he’s just been as frustrating as when he was hurt. I didn’t draft him thankfully (traded for him), but still frustrating nonetheless. You would think that with everyone out, you would see an uptick in numbers. I know he’s not a scoring juggernaut, but I expected at least 12 ppg.
  2. you should list your roster. Anyone on a phone (like myself) can’t see your roster if it’s in your sig
  3. Hi all, im comfortably in first. One more week until playoffs. Am I better rolling with Chriss or take the risk with OPJ for playoffs. Do you think OPJ can turn it around come playoff time?
  4. I’ve been concerned about the dip since Kawhi left.
  5. Any shot he has a good role on Philly? I imagine he’s still rosterable in a 12 teamer If he’s getting 25-30 minutes as a 6th man
  6. see, the fact that it’s a keeper league makes this even worse for me. I spoke with the owner of the last place team and he said he doesn’t plan on keeping any of the guys he traded for. So essentially, this is swapping a round of picks. A trade like this would usually involves far bigger gap between the picks. So last place team who has no chance of making the playoffs trades two borderline top 10 players for a 1 round pick swap. I’m sorry but I’m still not seeing how this isn’t A mind numbingly bad trade that hurts the integrity of the league.
  7. Even if CP3 is a shut down/injury risk, he's still playing at a top 10 level in fantasy and as of right now, Thunder are a 7th seed and 5 games above .500 with the rest of the pack pretty far away. I am not buying the shut down unless they fall way out of the playoff hunt. That being said, look at who the 3rd place team is giving up. Both LMA and CP3 are far better players than Harrell and Brown, and Dragic is a borderline 12-team player. All this for a pick swap and players he likely won't keep???? Sure, beginning of the season, I would buy the CP3 shut down talk. Heck, I even traded him to the last place team in the beginning of the season because I was worried. But it doesn't seem like it will happen. SGA is still playing big minutes at the 2 guard.
  8. If they need a big, that trade might work but I rather have Din and Covington than Rozier and either of the bigs. you'll either have to add more to get Cov or Pick someone else because elite steals are hard to come by.
  9. It’s a win. Drummond is a better version of Gobert and get a nice boost in overall stocks and Drummond is capable of the monster game that can win you a week on his own. J Rich has been too streaky this season for my liking. I like PJ a lot and hopefully he doesn’t hit a rookie wall.
  10. I wouldn’t make the move if I was the JJJ owner but definitely get it done if you can.
  11. I would go with #1 if you have to make the trade but I think I rather keep Beal. It’s close though. It depends on how high you are are on SGA and CJ. I’m not a big fan of CJ in fantasy but I do like SGA a lot, especially in a keeper league.
  12. I don’t think he sneaks through waivers but I also don’t think he’s worth burning a #1. But is there anyone else better that might get dropped? Probably not anytime soon.