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  1. Didn’t hear my cry once last week. Comeuppance is a thing
  2. Your player is a lowlife cheap shooting scumbag. Quit crying about fans
  3. MFL hosts a free platform only issue is you have to draft offline and upload rosters. It allows you to customize scoring though Been using it for past 7-8 years
  4. This is truly one for the ages wish Murder She Wrote was still on the air
  5. Lets go Kamara! Time for some positive TD regression tonight and 100 yd rushing/75 receiving day would be nice too!!!
  6. Basically need a repeat of his week 3 performance with two TDs and some monster receiving stats, or moderately good stats and a 3 TD night If anyone is due for a positive regression TD night its yours truly (RIGHT?) LESSSSS GO AK!!!!
  7. For those of you on the fence ....when is the last time we saw Baker play in one of the highest projected total games of the week?? I get the body of work to date, But this one has all the makings of a back and forth shootout. He’s a borderline top 10 option this week IMO , with the potential to be a week winner based on game flow
  8. Well if that’s the case, the first person that posts complaining about his usage should be banned coach speak lol
  9. Surprised no one is talking about the bad blood with he and the Cards coach dating back to Tech days This really feels like a smash spot . Only possible concern would be the recent poor play of Arz offense of late
  10. The upside is totally there.....just worry about what kind of day he’ll hsve likely not playing from behind for a change
  11. This is the week!!! Prob not, but should be decent usage in the receiving game
  12. 70 yds rushing, 40 yds receiving, 1 TD rock solid RB 2 day coming
  13. He’s been so good just got a baaad feeling about this no Evans fractured thumb Blough almost feels like the Jax game where you may not need to throw .
  14. Being in this spot countless times, I think you play it safe here. You have a top 15 ish option to plug in for him, you bench and don’t look back. If your best bench options are Bo Scarborough and Tevin Coleman, than you take the gamble and play Jacobs . Just make sure you have an emergency plan after the ones for point of reference, I’m sitting him for Mixon PPR and not thinking twice
  15. Without any hope of a vertical threat for the near future, I think the offense you've seen the past two weeks is the offense they will employ moving forward. What's interesting is that we have seen more Howard/Sanders joint backfield formations the last few weeks, and that has helped play to the strengths of each back. I would be shocked to see this turn into a 50/50 or even 60/40 type share. Howard is the perfect downfield fit for this run blocking scheme and should flirt with high end RB#2 numbers the rest of the year. After NE/Sea, the Eagles December schedule sets up incredibly well for Howard moving forward