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  1. He hates BDN. Did the same thing after SB loss. Nick was asked about it last night said something like “yeah we’ll catch up eventually”
  2. I was just thinking the same. Haven’t seen him in the whole quarter it feels like
  3. Maybe he talked em out of it lol
  4. Exactly right. Added extra bench spots so guys didn’t get jammed up on bye weeks and had to cut good players to field a legal lineup due to last minute ppd games im not trying to high horse at all, I legitimately thought most leagues/commishes would plan for this. Think it’s borderline sketchy to change rules in week 4 but I guess I get it
  5. If you completely punted depth for god knows what reason, then shame on you. Those of us who survived fantasy baseball season and owned Cardinals And Marlins endured the same Fate. sucks but that’s why depth is so important
  6. Surprised some people feel blindsided by this. We added extra IR and bench spots in most of my leagues for this very reason. sure the what if’s suck but depth is clearly the name of the game this wacky season
  7. uggh that was brutal. Cost them a first rd bye and ruined all momentum Vick had going that year. Couldnt get right after that game
  8. Wouldn’t worry about SF game. I read worst case they’ll move to Arz tomm night
  9. Beat guys who know the team inside out can’t talk up DJax more this summer. Having a fantastic camp and easily been the best WR this far. Apparently he looks faster than ever
  10. Ya just went outside it’s actually let up nicely. Good news as I live about 7 miles away from CBP
  11. Steady rain has turned to more steady Drizzle here in Philly. Looking at hourly forecast I honestly Don’t see how they gets Mets/Phillies In
  12. I re-read the article and it feels more like speculation to me. The fact that Kim has come out and said he’s always viewed himself as SP is more telling than anything else IMO. Not saying Kim won’t some high leverage role but reading this still feels like a fluid situation to me with all three guys.
  13. Fair enough, but I personally think a 5th-6th rd investment is somewhat reasonable based upon what I saw in a prolonged stretch last year. With the state of ailing 1B, He actually feels like one of the safer NL only targets right now.
  14. People talking like he was Hosmer last year. Guy was an absolute monster in the second half
  15. In auctions , I like the idea is spreading more $$ around this season. Targeting Bryce as my first hitter in that early-mid $30 range Then building around him.