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  1. they’ll just do this for two more weeks with him I bet. Hope I’m wrong but this is Embiid we are talking about.
  2. I get that. Problem is he will have a good game soon and you’ll hold then he’ll have a bad game then sit a game then good game and you’ll be trapped not knowing what to do.
  3. how long you think he's on a limit?
  4. Claims he's the greatest player in the world yet can stay out there for longer than 3 weeks at a time
  5. I don’t even think this dude is hurt. It’s all a big joke
  6. I know my bad haha. As soon as I replied I re read it. I'm still just bitter about that loss.
  7. some games he has 3 or 4 simultaneous ailments
  8. minus the elite steals and above avg 3's, which is where most of his value lies