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  1. King usually covers the bigger more athletic receivers. My guess is he will be on Evans
  2. same man. Like a drug I cant kick. "the Value is there" i say to myself.
  3. strings together 3-4 good games in a row so decide to plug him into my weekly lineup with the juicy 4 game week.... When will I learn. Still think the potential is there to be a good fantasy player but the inconsistency is maddening
  4. He had somewhat of an Iron man reputation. All these DNPs lately just soured me a little. I play weekly set lineups head to Head leagues. His counting stats are why I draft him but if hes sitting randomly really hurts the value
  5. Drum really let me down this year. Gunna be tough to draft again in the future.
  6. Do we start in Weekly lineups? 2 weeks till fantasy playoffs. every game counts. whats the latest?
  7. benched him in weekly league. MLK day early game slates killed me today
  8. Love Jrue, just wish he wasn't allergic to making free throws
  9. Benched him in weekly league as i didnt like the matchups. But thrilled to see his performance against a quality team. wasnt sure if his numbers were inflated last week because of weak opponents or that he finally turned a corner. His performance against turner is very encouraging.
  10. same. very frustrating. and he will put up a dud next week once i plug him back in
  11. Anyone feel like hes a sell high right now? Ive owned Bryant last two years and really like his game. its so fantasy friendly when just given minutes but Brooks seems to hate doing that and loves giving minutes to Wagner and Bertans. I believe in Bryant but if his coach doesn't idk if there is any point in trying to hold onto him. anyone else feel the same way?
  12. Nets fan and watch a ton of games. the problem is hes just not playing very well, he turns the ball over way too much and his free throw percentage is putrid. Everyone whos saying Kyrie is the problem has not watched the games. yes Kyrie commands the ball a lot but this offense is run by both players. Its 1a and 1b. Levert has the ball in his hands A TON. I think hes still just trying to find his rhythm this year. 20-5-5 is very realistic for him. He just has to get that free throw % up and stop turning the ball over at such a high rate (which i believe he will) to be the fantasy player we expected. Hes to talented not too. Whats the most concerning and surprising to me is his lack of steals and blocks. I never would have guessed they would be so low this year. He has the ability to be one of the better defenders in the league which ive seen in past years. I believe he is playing timid on defense because of the ankle/foot injury last year. he did it on a chase down block off a turnover. just feels like its in the back of his mind and is playing much less aggressive on defense then in years past. Hes mentioned many times that a goal of his is to play a full 82 game season and i think hes willing to sacrifice some steals and blocks to stay on the court. Also feel like he knows how much of a responsibility he has to the offense to stay on the court and doesn't want to pick up stupid fouls. So im more concerned about the stocks not coming back then his poor TO and FT% currently.
  13. I had no idea Jerm was made of glass when I drafted him