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  1. NUTS! Was rolling with Boone. Not sure I can risk now and may have to start Singletary today in tough matchup. At least I know he gets the snaps.... Hope for some more news prior to 4PM kickoff.
  2. I have Singletary and Boone. Was planning to play Boone. But now Mattison is cleared to practice. Have to decide prior to BIlls gamer. Start Singletary and be safe or Roll with Boone and hope Mattison doesn't cut into carries
  3. PPR- Can start SIngletary or Boone. If I skip SIngletary tomorrow...locked in to Boone. Thoughts? Who would you start if you were favored by decent margin? Thanks! Good luck!
  4. Seattle has some injuries, but Car will turn it over more than likely. Sit SEA and play TB at Detroit?
  5. Should I sit Winston (injury concern) and play Fitzmagic? I am favored to win 125 to 110. Thanks!
  6. Worried about SIngletary against Pitt DST. Should I slide in Ian Thomas instead (10 targets last week)?
  7. Was locked in on SEA all week....posts here about injuries making me nervous. Should I play TB or GB instead?
  8. Brown and parker for me. Think Seattle will run all day. Good luck!
  9. Winston has got me to playoffs. Should I roll with him today or plug in Manning or Fitzpatrick? The injury still has me little concerned. FWIW.....Currently scheduled to win 120 to 110. Thank you!
  10. Playoffs...tough call. If you are favored or close ...I go Bell. Good luck!
  11. Great Team! I see not changes I would make. Thank for your help.
  12. I have Andrews in my lineup tonight in PPR. Would you keep him in lineup or slide in one of: Goedert or Ian Thomas Very nervous about play time....but usually don''t overthink thinks and play my studs. Help? Thank you!
  13. I like Jamaal and Eli. Thank you for the help and good luck!
  14. Down big in 2 week playoff.... please pick Winston or Allen