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  1. Need to sit one of these in PPR: Freeman vs DAL Schultz at NYG Jonnu at BUFF (assume game IS played) Thank you!
  2. Please pick one for my FLEX in PPR- Freeman vs DAL or Schultz vs NYG
  3. Assuming Tenn/Bills game is played.... Pick on ein PPR for Week 5... Jonnu at Buff or Schultz at NYG
  4. IMO...Slight edge to Robinson Woods Gage....good luck!
  5. Need one in PPR: Tonyan vs ATL Alie-Cox at CHI Graham vs IND
  6. Drafted Miller in my PPR league with high hopes, but not getting a lot of play time. Is he droppable for Michael Pittman Jr? Pick one of these for ROS bench/WR4: Anthony Miller Michael Pittman Jr Thank you!
  7. Only one bench space...Is it Dion Lewis or Michael Pittman Jr? Thank you!
  8. Haha...OK man. That's funny. Thank you!
  9. Only room for one on my bench...Desean or Reagor in PPR? Other WR's are Golladay, ARob, Diontae, Miller
  10. is he # 1 over Desean at this point?
  11. Need to sit one of: Melvin Gallup J. Taylor Diontae Who rides the bench and why? Leaning Gordon. Even though will get carries, Pitt shut down Barkley pretty well.
  12. Gotta agree.....Only worry about losing Moss ot Gibson IMO. Good luck!
  13. Already have him! Haha I know may seem crazy question....I was worried MT could be out long time. Going to take the trade. Worth the gamble. Good luck!
  14. love the potential..just got offered Michael Thomas for DJ..very tempting in my PPR