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  1. I have no faith/trust anymore with Captain check down, easier match ups may be a problem even more since they can just run the ball or dumpoff to RB's. I am thinking of dropping him for a better upside receiver [...]
  2. I am trotting him out there (for comparison purposes, using him at flex in place of Diggs/JG).
  3. Sympathies to fellow Adams owners. First 4 picks, Adams, Juju, Diggs, Carson here
  4. What's the optimism here? Kirk has looked average or below average, offense is focused on run with ball control (if cook goes down for some reason, they have a good backup in mattison who will take over that role), Minn Defense is playing good enough limiting the needs from Minn offense. This may just not be his year. He may have boom weeks for sure, but he is purely a match up based play at this point (only against defenses which are strong against run and poor against pass) for me, no longer a set-it-and-forget-it player.
  5. Ravens are a pure Jekyll and Hyde team. Bad offense and bad defense today...my gut was telling to bench Bal D, but just didn't do it...SMFH...
  6. Gonna start down co of the Bal D. Playing very bad against the run and pass....what bad timing...smh
  7. Bal or Det? Leaning Bal playing at home against Ind, but Det has a good matchup against Cincy who seem to playing bad right now...decisions decisions...
  8. Yeah, they perhaps dont need him in this game altogether and let him rest...People in Kamara thread were worried about this scenario and it might be happening...
  9. Agreed...his role in everyone's fantasy team depends on rosters, bye week situations etc...What I was hoping for based on the feedback (even Jay Glazer highlighted him in Fox NFL Sunday saying that Payton loves him and that's why they let Peterson go) was that he would be more involved at least in the passing game (Kamara got 4 targets compared to Ingram's 5 last week). Hope this changes moving forward as I have him as my RB3/Flex right now and would love to see his leap to RB2. For comparison purposes, I am debating between Kamara, Hunter Henry and Derrick Henry in Flex.
  10. Or Hue was not able to get Kessler for his daughter? Kessler was decent last year in some spot starts and certainly better than what they are trotting out there right now.
  11. So, are we banking on this guy mainly on the assumption that NO is going to be behind in scoring? That may not be a good recipe for Fantasy success especially since NO is surprisingly good on DEF this year and NO may not be behind a lot in games. This sounds like an Ingram takeover. I am sure Kamara would have a few high scoring games sprinkled in (tough to know when) but Ingram seems to be the beneficiary on Peterson's departure and NO DEF's emergence. IMO, it notches him down from a expected RB2 (after Peterson left) to RB3/Flex depending on matchup.