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  1. Bell if he plays, then Sutton. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. A.Rob has been great despite Trubisky, but worried about Dal pass rush extremely limiting his opps. Do I go with Snell and the guaranteed workload or go with what got me here?
  3. Agree, make that 3 for Carson and Evans. Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. I'd go with Carson and Sanders if Howard is out. If not, then go with Singletary. I just don't love starting two RBs from the same team. It worked the other year with Kamara and Ingram, but, against the Rams D which has been playing better of late, I wouldn't feel comfortable going with both of them. Thanks for the help on mine!
  5. I'm in on A.Rob just because that's all they seem to have in Chi. You really can't go wrong either way, but as the others said, check the weather before you make your decision, but I'm leaning to A.Rob at this moment.
  6. I have the #3 waiver priority, however, playoffs start this week and both teams ahead of me are out, so I essentially have the #1 waiver priority. Since it's win or go home, should I use my claim to get either Mattison or D.Thompson or hang onto it for at least one more week? I most likely wouldn't start either one of them this week unless Cook or Williams are declared out, but if either gets the opportunity they could be the piece that puts me over the top. What would you do? Half-PPR ESPN 12 Team Redraft QB - L.Jackson RB - A.Kamara, N.Chubb WR - T.Hill, DJ Moore TE - D.Waller Flex - A.Robinson D/ST - GB K - Z.Gonzalez Bench - M.Ryan, L.Murray, T.Coleman, T.McLaurin, AJ Green, D.Westbrook
  7. Agree with the others here, Cousins is the best option there. As for the D, looking at the schedule, you probably won't play them as you'd most likely ride the Eagles, however, if you make it to week 16 you will need another option, though Bills play NE, so they really aren't an option for you, so might as well free up that space. I wouldn't waste a claim on that though. I'd be fine just waiting until waivers clear and pick up the best option as a playoff stash.
  8. Keep your players, try to fill the empty slot with Snell. If claim doesn't go through then pick up Armstead or Gallman. No need to stash two. I don't see any of those guys as "league-winners". That would be guys more so like Mattison or Pollard.
  9. I'd go Winston. I haven't followed him much, but, looking at the stats in my league he seems to have been pretty consistent and as the ToeDragSwag said, he has more elite options.
  10. RB2 - Williams if he plays otherwise Snell Flex2 - between Cook or Crowder. I'd probably go with Cook in, hopefully, a shootout with Atl. But I couldn't argue with you going with Crowder in a nice matchup with Cincy.
  11. Drop one of your K. At this point there is no reason to have 2 on your roster.
  12. I have the #3 waiver priority and have a guaranteed spot in the playoffs which start next week for us. Do I not burn my waiver priority and keep it for the playoffs, or do I put in a claim on Penny to: a) keep them away from my competition who has Carson and b) provide me with some depth at RB since you never know week to week what you are going to get from Coleman. The only other RB options out there are L.McCoy and Darrel Williams, but, KC backfield is such a crap shoot each week, or A.Mattison, who is a great stash, but, I don't own Cook, where Penny at least seems like he'll have more of a role besides just insurance for Carson. Edmonds is out there too, but, it looks like Drake has a pretty firm hold on that gig in Arizona. Half-PPR ESPN 12 Team Redraft QB - L.Jackson RB - A.Kamara, N.Chubb WR - T.Hill, DJ Moore TE - D.Waller Flex - T.Coleman D/ST - GB K - G.Zuerlein Bench - M.Ryan, L.Murray, A.Robinson, T.McLaurin, AJ Green, D.Westbrook
  13. Who's the best stash out of these three? I currently own Westbrook, but Boyd and Brown were dropped this week and are sitting out there on the wire. M.Williams is out there too. Most weeks I'm playing Hill with either A.Robinson or D.Moore, so this is more of an insurance policy in case any of those guys gets injured.
  14. J.Ajayi who was just signed by Philly is available too, though not sure what his role will be with Howard and Sanders there.