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  1. I agree with the others and would first offer up Mixon in the deal. If he doesn’t take it, then based on your other RBs, I think I’d still make the deal with JRob, just would rather try Mixon first. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. I think you should go with your gut and pass on the deal. Stick with what you have. Thanks for the help on mine!
  3. Someone in the league dropped M.Brown and he is on waivers until tomorrow morning. Would you put in a claim and take him over any of the guys I already have on my roster, or leave him on waivers? 10 team half-PPR QB - Roethlisberger RB - Cook, Jacobs WR - K.Golladay, T.McLaurin TE - Kittle Flex - A.Gibson D/ST - KC K - Lutz Bench - T.Higgins, C.Lamb, R.Woods, G.Bernard, J.Williams, A.Mattison IR - T.Coleman
  4. Higgins for sure. Aiyuk would be the pick up for this week only, but, you need a ROS replacement and that would be Higgins.
  5. You don’t need Jeudy, drop him. I probably would never play Harris either, but, better to hang onto the extra RB.
  6. Hyde, but, big question he plays just like everyone is saying, otherwise Higgins.
  7. It is a tough decision but, in your situation, I’d do it.
  8. Targeting an offer for the Jones owner. He is stacked at WR (Ridley, M.Thomas, DK Metcalf) but thin at RB. So contemplating two things...1) offer him one or two of my WRs + J.Williams for his Metcalf or 2) offer him J.Jacobs and A.Gibson for A.Jones. Is that too much for Jones? The thinking is that I would have J.Williams and Jones so I’m covered there, paired with Cook and Mattison both of which have had their byes, so I’d be set at RB1+2. What do you think? 10 team half-PPR QB - Roethlisberger RB - Cook, Jacobs WR - K.Golladay, T.McLaurin TE - Kittle Flex - A.Gibson D/ST - KC K - Lutz Bench - T.Higgins, C.Lamb, R.Woods, G.Bernard, J.Williams, A.Mattison IR - T.Coleman
  9. It would leave you really thin at WR but, you'd have CMC and Zeke with Mixon in the flex which in a standard league is pretty great....when everyone is healthy. The issue is you don't know if CMC is going to play this week, looking very possible but, still not a lock yet, Mixon most likely will sit this week since they have a bye next week so they can get him extra rest to heal. But, since this is a must win, I think you have to make the trade. Robinson on a bye and Godwin out, you need live bodies out there and Zeke is no slouch so, pull the trigger and grab Zeke. GL, that's a tough scenario. (Edit: thought the Robinson was Allen Robinson, seeing that it's J.Robinson makes it a little tougher, and a little more sense from the Zeke owner's side, but, I think I'd still make the trade)
  10. I'd grab Herbert. Think he'll be fine to start this week and is a more valuable trade chip/fallback option the rest of the season. If it's strictly for a one and done and you are going to move on immediately after this week, then I might lean towards Wentz. but yeah, it's between those two.
  11. While I do like Edmonds and think he can make a case to start even when Drake is ready to return, I'd make the trade. I'm not expecting much out of AB and right now is probably the point at which his value is the highest, so might as well cash in. You have the RB depth that you don't need Edmonds, so bringing in Cooper and Fuller will greatly improve your WRs.
  12. As others have said, given the situation, I'd make the trade. And Jefferson is a huge upgrade over Green, so you can confidently accept that trade.
  13. Put in a claim for either Aiyuk or AJ Green, or stick with what I have? Tempted to grab Aiyuk given his matchup since McLaurin has a bye but, I do have T.Higgins, Woods and Lamb to choose from so, not sure if I should even make a move at this point. No idea who I'd drop. Thoughts? Any moves to make here or stand pat? Half-PPR ESPN 10 Team Redraft QB - B.Roethlisberger RB - D.Cook, J.Jacobs WR - K.Golladay, T.McLaurin TE - G.Kittle Flex - R.Woods D/ST - KC K - W.Lutz Bench - A.Gibson, G.Bernard, J.Williams, T.Higgins, C.Lamb, A.Mattison IR - T.Coleman
  14. Make that one more for Hurst. Thanks for the help with mine.