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  1. 12-team Dynasty 6x6 H2H (XBH & QS). IF: Murphy (C) Hosmer (1B) B-Lowe (2B) Anderson (3B) Story (SS) Canha (CI) C-Hernandez(MI) OF: Betts, Blackmon, Soler UT: Gallo (OF) BN: Encarnacion (1B) W-Calhoun (OF) DeJong (SS) Yandy (1B/3B) SP: Corbin, Darvish, Paxton, Keuchel, Houser, Burnes RP: Workman, Neris, Pressly BN: DeSclafani, Puk, Cease, K-Wright, Teheran, Skubal IL: Keller, Taillon (SP) Minors: N-Lowe (1B) Casas (1B/3B) N-Jones (3B) Gilbert (SP) Took this team over this season. There are some interesting players out there on the wire: Jansen (C) White (1B) Odor (2B) Escobar (2B/3B) Cronenworth/A-Gimenez (SS) Solak/Hilliard (OF) Alcantara/Boyd/C-Mart/Sheffield/Walker/F-Peralta/Mahle/Gonsolin/Bubic (SP) 1. Is it time to drop Encarnacion for Evan White? Wouldn't hurt to get younger, & Hosmer/Canha are starting for me over EE as it is... 2. Do you like any of these SPs better than Teheran or Wright? 3. Do you see any other adds out there? If so, who am I dropping? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  2. Yeah, I'd go Buxton & Anderson first as well---if you need speed it's Buxton first, but if you need power or average else it's probably Anderson first for me. Carlson next for me, just for the upside, & then Pollock & Santander---Pollock if you need speed, Santander if so need power. Help here?
  3. I'd hang onto Houser at all costs, & yeah, in a redraft I'd lean Gonzales bc he feels safer than Senzatela. Senzatela has more upside, but you'll be second guessing yourself everytime he draws a start at home... Help here?
  4. Tough call. Jeffress has closing experience but seems to be behind Wick for Saves, & it also looks like the Cubs haven't given up on Kimbrel completely. Hernandez should be the handcuff for Montero, but may slide down to the 7th inning if/when LeClerc comes back. It feels like a tossup to me, & in those cases, esp. in dynasty I'd go for the younger guy, who is Hernandez, by almost a decade... Help here?
  5. 20-team Dynasty 10x10 H2H (5x5 plus OPS/TB/FLD%/PO/GIDP/QS/HLD/GIDP/CG/IRS). IF: Vazquez (C) Santana (1B) Biggio (2B) Rendon (3B) Baez (SS) OF: Robles/Ozuna/Gurriel UT: Votto (1B) BN: Anderson (3B/OF) A-Cabrera (2B/3B) SP: Snell/Montas/Lamet, Fried, Weaver, C-Green RP: Iglesias, Pressly, Alvarado P: D-Castillo (RP) BN: Javier, Manaea, E-Hernandez (SP) IL: Franchy (OF) C-Mart (SP) A-Adams/ Clase (RP) MINORS: J-Rodriguez, H-Bishop (OF) Perdomo (SS) M-Martin (1B) M-Nunez (3B) L-Gilbert, I-Anderson, Sixto (SP) I just traded Justin Turner, Kevin Cron & Franklin Barreto for Carlos Santana. That might seem like a lot to give up for a 34-year old, but some of the scoring cats here are unusual---like putouts, & Santana has the 4th most of those among 1Bs (after Abreu, Olson & Freeman) plus, he's a couple yrs younger than Votto. Anyway, I replaced Cron with Ryan Noda (TOR) in the minors & I now have an open roster slot (Barreto was wasting away on my bench). I'm looking to win now (or at least be competitive) so age doesn't matter quite so much. Would you add another bench bat or an SP? If so, who? Best available bats: K-Calhoun/Piscotty/Braun/Margot (OF) Wendle (2B/3B/SS) Candelario (1B/3B) Edwin Rios (1B). Best available SPs: Lyles/Cahill. Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  6. Depends on who else is on the wire---I'm guessing in a redraft there might still be some big-name prospects in the pool? If Howard's the best player available by a mile I'd probably go with something in the $20-25 range to be safe, but if there are other comparable players out there as well then yes, the $10-15 range should be fine. Help here?
  7. I love Carrasco & you're obviously looking to win now (plus rookies don't help as much in QS leagues) but I like who you already have. Lopez & Dobnak are already looking good in the majors, & Gray has tons of upside. I'd stay put personally, esp. in H2H where volume is nice, but if you've got the SP depth I wouldn't blame you for pulling the trigger in order to win now... Help here?
  8. That's a tough one. Depends on your team, I guess. If you're looking to win over the next 2-3 years then it's JD hands down. But if you're looking at a rebuild then it's Ohtani for sure. Help here?
  9. 12-team Dynasty 6x6 H2H (XBH & QS). IF: Jansen (C) Encarnacion (1B) C-Hernandez (2B) B-Anderson (3B) Story (SS) Canha (CI) B-Lowe (MI) OF: Betts, Blackmon, Soler UT: Gallo (OF) BN: Hosmer (1B) W-Calhoun (OF) Yandy (1B/3B) DeJong (SS) SP: Corbin, Darvish, Paxton, Houser, Keuchel, Burnes, DeSclafani, K-Wright, Teheran, Cease, Puk, Skubal RP: Rogers, Workman, Neris IL: Keller, Taillon (SP) Minors: N-Lowe (1B) Casas (1B/3B) N-Jones (3B) Gilbert (SP) (a) I've been offered Spencer Howard & Garrett Richards for Darvish. He's got Carrasco & Ryu as well. Would it be too greedy to ask for one of them instead of Richards, or would you be okay with the deal as is? (b) If I took the deal, I'd have to drop someone, most probably an SP. The problem is, I like my older SPs. My cut would probably be either Teheran or Richards. What do you think? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  10. I love DeSclafani this season, esp. in a redraft, but would also be worried about his current injury. If you've got an IL spot open I'd stash him for now & grab Canning as well. I like Canning's upside, esp. in a k/9 league. Help here?
  11. It's Vlad for me as well. I like Alonso, but think he'll settle in around the #25-50 range, ADP-wise, while Vlad has 1st round potential. Help here?
  12. 20-team First-Year Dynasty 6x6 H2H (OBP, QS, SV+HLD). IF: Garver (C) Bell (1B) Marte (2B) Davis (3B) Bregman (SS) Votto (IF) OF: Castellanos, Schwarber, Cutch, Akiyama UT: Cruz (UT) Happ (OF) BN: Bohm (3B) A-Frazier (2B) SP: Gallen, Montas, Woodruff, S-Gray, Pomeranz, C-Green RP: Anderson, T-Duffey P: Ginkel BN: Weaver, Houser, Gibson, Yamamoto (SPs) MINORS: Larnach (OF) N-Jones (3B) Gilbert (SP) IL: Taillon (SP) A-Adams (RP) I need another SP to replace Yamamoto (didn't make the cut this season). Unfortunately, the only real options in a league this deep are pretty unknown right now: Logan Webb (SF), Trevor Richards (TB), Cristian Javier (HOU), Tommy Milone (BAL) Anthony Kay (TOR) & Bryse Wilson (ATL). Who would you pick? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  13. It's an even trade---you either play to win now & for the next few seasons, or wait to peak in a few years. Can't fault you for accepting or rejecting, depending. Personally, I'd accept given how deep & young your team already is. Bregman & Lindor along w Acuna & Soto give you 4 current 1st rounders, & Castillo gives you so much more depth at SP... Help here?
  14. I'd offer up Murphy & Stripling for Carlos in a heartbeat. I love Santana hitting cleanup between J-Ram and Franmil in a pretty solid lineup. I'm guessing in a 12-teamer you can find a decent upside replacement for Stripling off the wire? Help here?
  15. 20-team Redraft 6x6 H2H (OBP, QS, SV+HLD). IF: S-Murphy (C) Smoak (1B) Moustakas (2B) Davis (3B) Bogaerts (SS) OF: Blackmon, McCutchen, Dickerson UT: Correa BN: Dom-Santana (OF) SP: Corbin, S-Gray, Gallen, Weaver, Shoemaker, Gibson RP: Anderson, Lugo P: Betances BN: Fulmer (SP) IL: Freeman (1B) W-Smith (RP) Someone just dropped Urshela. My only drop option right now is Domingo (I could drop Fulmer as well, but that gives me 2 bench bats in H2H, which is too many IMO; I'll be dropping Smoak once Freeman's back, & either Fulmer or Betances once W-Smith is back). Who do you like for this team, Urshela or Domingo, & why (I'm punting SBs)? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.