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  1. This guy is absolutely murdering balls right now. Most likely player to have an Acuña type breakout this year IMO. We’ll see how he adjusts to major league pitching first, but the sky is the limit with his tools.
  2. Any ideas about his innings restrictions approach? Skipper starts? Bullpen? I don’t think they’ll shut him down as I assume they want him to pitch in the playoffs in some capacity.
  3. In the lineup, hitting 5th today.
  4. His wife (or girlfriend?) with whom he has two children recently found out that he’s been cheating on her, and is extremely vocal about it on Twitter. I think Clevinger’s pitching issues are 100% a mental issue right now due to the stuff going on in his personal life. Just a small taste of the drama below:
  5. Starting Monday in Texas. https://twitter.com/mandybell02/status/1138825693096226817?s=21
  6. 5.1 IP. 3 hits, no walks, 5 k’s tonight. I didn’t see any of it, but an encouraging line.
  7. Based on the context of that blurb, I’m assuming it’s a typo and they meant “shouldn’t”.
  8. Up to 7th in the order in today's lineup.
  9. Just got drilled in the ankle by a fastball. Looked to be in a lot of pain. Left the game.
  10. Apparently the timeline for his return is "wide open" according to Roberts. https://twitter.com/DodgerBlue1958/status/1006174215500779520
  11. Can somebody explain why they don’t bat him leadoff ?
  12. 6 IP 1 ER (1h) 2BB 8k today. I think 3 more good starts and he's up.