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  1. Not really that clear cut to me, personally I prefer the Mitchell Robinson and Oladipo side.
  2. Fair enough trade with Don Mitchell involved...not sure why people are so upset over it. Not close to a veto in my view.
  3. If commish really accepted PG13 for McCollum after vetoing above trade (with PG13 as part of it) then it is a bit messed up. As a 3 keeper league with salaries, the trade in the original post is not unfair. Paul George $62 and Clint Capela $52 are not really worthy keepers. Siakam at $1 is a superb deal, but so is Luka at $26 who is the best dynasty player overall. Actually a fair trade - the fact that it might help one of the teams more in terms of winning this year is irrelevant, it plausibly helps both teams involved especially considering future years too. I'm not related to this league, just trying to make an objective assessment based on information above.
  4. In a 3 keeper league I can see someone willing to pay that much for Luka, he's the #1 overall dynasty asset. If not collusion then shouldn't be vetoed.
  5. Do not give up Ayton for that package. If you're open to moving Ayton then put him on the trading block and see what other offers you get.
  6. I'd take both over Smart in a 10 teamer due to higher ceilings. Smart is easily replaceable on the waiver wire if those guys fade.
  7. To me 5th pick is just as good as 1st this year and would take that deal.
  8. Zeller is better than all of those guys, just need to stay healthy and he is for now.
  9. For me Curry > Zion = Trey = Beal > KP6. However if you don't think there are feasible trades then just go for Zion or Trae for a rebuilding team.
  10. I drafted him 1st overall in my dynasty and have kept him since then. I think you need to go with Favors though...even if you have no chance he has better trade value and you can swap for a top rookie from another team who may be competing.
  11. I would go with Drummond if you're set on Rudy.
  12. Fair enough deal as Drummond is an upgrade over Capela but 5th pick is still pretty valuable...see if you can replace it with one of your lower tier guys instead and keep the pick, say any of Powell, Prince, Walker IV or Dinwiddie.
  13. Is Collins for Irving a fair trade or is there a material difference in dynasty value?