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  1. That hurts BAD. I know he’s be inconsistent but he can blow up any game. Hopefully he’ll be back in a week or two?
  2. Might drop for Shabazz to help my playoff schedule...Bulls have a trash playoff schedule and he’ll likely lose even more minutes once Lavine returns.
  3. I know I shouldn’t complain about the “number 1 player in fantasy” but this guy has lost a step over the last couple months. Got smashed by the hornets yesterday and getting smashed by the magic today.
  4. With very little games played. Make sure you can work with Detroit’s weak playoff schedule.
  5. Yeah definitely didn’t look good. Maybe there’s hope for owners with a first week bye. Hurts bad especially with that juicy schedule.
  6. Playoffs start March 16th for me and I’m in the mix for a first week bye. I would cut him without hesitation if I didn’t have a couple weeks of wiggle room.
  7. So true. Bazz has 11 games vs Satoransky 9 games in the playoff weeks (week22-24). Also thinking of making the change. Actually glad Bazz didn’t blow up yesterday so I can contemplate the move another day or two.
  8. Crowder can have volatile percentages but he’s a stronger rebounder than Powell. The heat have a 3-3-4 fantasy playoff schedule compared to 4-3-4 for the raptors (week 22-24). Powell for me.
  9. Perfect timing. Can move Clarke to my only IR slot and pray for no more injuries. Raptors have a fantastic fantasy playoff schedule so 12 team leagues should snag Powell if available.
  10. Love what Vanilla Theis has been doing for the last couple months but he sure picks up some stupid fouls. If he could stay a little more disciplined on the defensive end he would play more minutes.