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  1. With the trade of WCS is Spellman back to 25+ mpg? Could be useful in 12 teams.
  2. Giving him a couple more games. Burned #8 waiver on him in a competitive 12 team so hoping he can find his rhythm soon. The minutes are there.
  3. Looked pretty bad. Signaled to the bench immediately and limped his way into the locker room.
  4. Damnit 😕 guy was so consistent over the last month, really helped soften the loss of Isaac.
  5. I’ve tried selling for Gobert many times the last few weeks. Headache dealing with that particular manager so no luck. Whiteside has really been carrying me but with Nurk and Collins eventually due back I’m worried. Maybe he gets traded somewhere he can still eat?
  6. Might start Mikal Bridges over him ahhh decisions decisions.
  7. Bro stop shooting 3s and drive the ball 😂
  8. Zo sure shut me up quick. Really helping my team since losing Isaac.
  9. I just can’t believe Pop won’t give him burn when it should be a year for developing the younger guys. Spurs have an amazing playoff schedule and I fully expect Murray will be unleashed by mid-March when it matters most. Strong hold if you can afford another rocky month.
  10. Solid low end PG add. Minnesota has a nice fantasy playoff schedule as well.