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  1. I always play Yahoo but another site you might want to check is fantrax.
  2. I don't know if you will be able to do a redraft but with only 8 games left I don't see how you can make the league work. You have just 22 teams playing now instead of 30. I wished I had a good idea so you could continue.
  3. I'm the commish in my league. It is a Yahoo roto keeper league where we keep 2 players on each team. One owner decided to pick up Durant and Klay Thompson the day after Yahoo announced the season was over. My question is do I allow this owner to pick up Durant and Klay Thompson?? Should I allow this owner to add these 2 players?? Should I freeze any adds or drops at this time?? Thanks for your opinions!!
  4. Let's see basketball is resuming July 31. Football starts September 10th. Baseball is starting when ?? We don't know. I'm thinking baseball is not playing until March 2021 at the very earliest. I'm blaming the owners and the players this time if this happens. Hey baseball players and owners: get with it and come to an agreement or I will NOT go to another game.....I'm not alone when I say this either!!
  5. That's a tough break for the Mets and anyone in a keeper league who kept him. One guy in my league kept him and I'm sure he's not happy right now.
  6. My hope is we have opening day by June 1st. That would give us around a 110 game season. I would be really ok with this as long as we have this virus controlled everywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  7. Willie Mays. The best player I ever saw play live as well. ...
  8. I bought the Rotoworlds draft guide this year as I usually do. I use it as only 1 of my 3 sources of projections/rankings. Don't depend on only one source. Just use an average of 3 or however many you decide. It is more time consuming but I averaged out the projections/rankings last year and it helped me take 1st place last year of 12 teams in a points keeper league.
  9. I'm probably not buying Mondesi this year after reading this article Short Porch sent out. I'm not willing to take the risk. Thanks Short Porch!!
  10. I can't recall another player right now who had the same injury as Mondesi. I'm sure there has been at least one player. It would be nice to know how another player did after labrum surgery.
  11. I do the same thing that Boston Cajun does when it comes to rankings. I start with fantasy pros and adjust my rankings according to my own player preferences along with using the Rotoworld Draft guide. I took over a horrible keeper league team in a points league 4 years ago and won the league last year. I'm not changing my research methods for this year.
  12. I won my 12 team league this year. I agree it is a nice problem to have.
  13. Royals are going with O'hearn at first according to Roster Resource. I'm still thinking Dozier is a great later round pick say around pick 175-200.
  14. I need some help. I can keep only 3 of these hitters. This is a keeper points league. Arenado Bellinger Trout Lindor Marte What do you think?? Thanks!!