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  1. I see what you're saying but I'm not sure that would work either. Let's say this Titans/Steelers game can't be rescheduled until the end of the season. Is Connor still healthy? Have the Titan's locked up their division, thus will sit Henry? No easy answers here.
  2. So they’ve signed C.J. Anderson. This would seem to be a sign they are seriously concerned about the almighty Tud Girley being available.
  3. Looked pretty bad. Hate it for the guy. He was having a monster year.
  4. I am paying way too close attention to this thread on a College Football Saturday.
  5. We determine last place at the end of week 13 (for pizza and beer at next year’s draft). All non-playoff teams are locked. They aren’t playing for anything.
  6. If Mathews doesn’t go I think he is a must start. I like him even with Mathews depending on your situation.
  7. Ouch. Didn’t expect it to be Greg who let me down.
  8. He’s good to go against the Patriots. What kind of stat line are you fellows predicting? They should be playing from behind for much of the afternoon. You likey?
  9. Teddy KGB will be starting next week boys. 2QBers need to scoop him up now.
  10. Just traded for Ingram and I'm going to start both of them this week.
  11. This guy has been solid in PPR for me. Everyone is getting healthy in NE now which worries me a bit. I see Amendola as his primary competitor for touches.