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  1. Key word IF . That could take years IF at all. I like the what can they do for me NOW side.
  2. I agree with this. Could what Soler did in 19 be real? Maybe. But Rendon has a proven track record and as you said will go for more at the draft. Maybe you get Soler back and pay more but you know what you have for sure in Rendon.
  3. Going against the grain here. I see Lowe as a player that can help in 4 plus catagories that qualifies at a tough position . Yes he was out with a shin injury for a long time. But I trust a shin injury over Glasnow forearm . Plus the Twins will be very careful with Glasnow. I like Lowe hitting in mostly hitters ballparks in the AL east.
  4. When was the last time a Tiger pitcher reached his POTENTIAL ? Plus potential means you haven't done anything yet ( majors ) . I for one do NOT trust so called pitching studs. The list is long of top prospects either getting injured or not coming close to expectations.
  5. Im thinking of starting s new league using just AL or NL . 12 teams I have the managers . Seems split so trying to decide . Benefits of both roto and head to head . I played mainly in roto leagues . Played in one very low keyed head to head . I do prefer roto especially using both leagues. Thoughts on doing a single head to head league and auction style three year keeper . I’ve done single 12 team leagues . Have to really dig for players . Thinking 12 team single head to head league is even harder especially with only 1-2 transactions per week .
  6. The Yankees have had 70 save chances and have 48 saves. The Red Sox have had 46 Save chances and have only 24 saves Baltimore 41 save chances and have 24 saves Miami 35 save chances and 21 saves Just thought it was interesting the Yankees ad double the SVO and the Red Sox yet the Red Sox only had 11 move then the Marlins and 5 move than Baltimore. Sorry I am a little bored
  7. I'm thinking the same thing. I also thought he was a better fielder than Andjuar until I compared the two. Andjuar made 15 errors last year 286 chances. . Urshela has already made 13 in 240 chances. Plus what do they do with DJM ? Nice problem for the Yankees to have
  8. At this point does it really matter what it was? I haven't lost sleep wondering why . He has been out a long time . That's all that matters .Hopefully back in the lineup very soon and continues the season he was having pre injury. Thats all that matter to me.
  9. If he comes back and only plays 3-4 times a week its still better then what he's getting on the IL
  10. I hardly ever use this term We will NEVER know
  11. Vetoes suck!!! I would never play in a league that had them .
  12. Do the Yankees play him next year over Andjuar ?
  13. What has Royce Lewis done in the Major leagues ? Better do this deal before the other dude reads The Rotoworld forum
  14. Tom Caron from NESN that covers the Red Sox sounds like Michael Jackson on steroids . Thank god Ken Harrelson and Joe Morgan are gone .