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  1. True... Giants should be on the phone with Ryan's agent right now.
  2. Baker replacements? Might be a blessing in disguise. Dude looked lost last year. Was one of the worst graded CBs in the league last year per PFF. Dennard Ryan Apple They just need average productivity to be an ugrade lol.
  3. Malik Hooker available for trade. Should Giants be interested? Is Love the answer at safety long term with Peppers?
  4. I hope he doesn't and drafts Wirfs/Thomas at 4. Then drafts/trades up for Ruiz/Biadasz in late first/2nd round.
  5. Was just a bad joke. Hopefully he is not that dumb.
  6. They need to get one of the top 4 tackles and get Ruiz or Biadacz at 2nd pick even if it means moving up to late 1st. Hopefully they have their **** together next week.
  7. If he was smart he would. Barkley and Jones are the teams best assets. Beef up the line makes too much sense. Knowing Gettleman probably will trade down for a WR. Ughhh
  8. Draft thoughts? They have arguably the best RB in football they need OL. They should draft tackle at 4 and center at 35. I would even say trade up from 35 and try to grab Ruiz/Cushenberry/Biadasz or stay put if one falls. Offensive line would be instantly upgraded for years to come going OT/C first 2 picks.
  9. Anyone else think they should rescind the franchise tag on Leonard Williams and sign Clowney?
  10. The Giants currently have just $23.2M of their cap space for 2020 allotted to their defense. That’s less than Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald will count against their teams' cap. It's by far the least in the NFL, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next on the list at $42.9M. They need to use almost all of their cap space on improving the defense. Draft either Wirfs or Bekhton to improve the OL and trade down a bit for more draft capital if the opportunity strikes. Simmons or Young if he slips at 4 are great picks too. They need a complete defensive overhaul.
  11. If the Giants cut these guys they will have 90 million to spend on free agency. Time to get impact players back on the defense! The defense has been terrible for years. They have to make a run on a few top defensive free agents. Personally I think the offense is fine. Ogletree 8.25 million cap savings Ellison 5 million cap savings Martin 4.8 million cap savings Bethea 2.75 million cap savings
  12. Thoughts? For me Kamara and Mack are must starts against 2 of the worst run Ds in the league. Michel in a must win game vs Dolphins at home or red hot Washington in Denver?
  13. Pats playing for 2nd seed if they win. Think they sit players in 2nd half if up big?
  14. Brees Kamara Mack M Thomas AJ Brown Higbee Michel or D Washington as flex?Steelers or Packers D? I am going against Pats D so I need DST upside. Leave link will hook you up.
  15. Saints will be fighting for the 2 seed. GB will beat the Lions, but the Saints know Russell is going to give 49ers all they can handle Sunday night.