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  1. this yep. even when DM was healthy... graham- enjoy them 45fg% and above games while you can
  2. nice problem to have. with butler out id go with jokic and bam
  3. agree with the above. jj is the drop if KAT comes back. love that team in the sig. back when colonel sanders was relevant
  4. id go with bease. ride out white while he's hot. all all good options really.
  5. Gary harris has been decent finally but id cut him
  6. with the news of Butler out- need to make a decision before 6pm CST Shake Milton or Josh Richardson coming back from concussion? leave a link. thanks
  7. He's a hold. See how it plays out w bum saric and baynes returning If u are in a big need for a pg I would consider making the switch
  8. Shallow league? Nance has the most upside pending a big if the others get shutdown. I'd shoot for the moon and stash him. Dedmon in a similar situation as your juancho but better defensive numbers Also Wouldn't be bad if you dropped juancho now for him or Clarke
  9. Luka- LBJ a wash Jv - roco a wash Surprisingly Embiid almost a round value better than bam per bballmonster I think it's real close with no decided edge. A little more 3s on the lbj side. Assists for the other side Foot to the fire I'm picking the lbj side
  10. Seems like a knee jerk reaction to the news thats he's going to miss games There is no concrete info on his injury. If you want to have peace of mind you can trade him. As we all know Kat is a top 5 player. There a lot of risk in dealing him.. especially for a player like Beal (who I own and want to trade each time the wiz lose a game)
  11. Stay pat. I can't even find those other 2 on the first 75 page of bballmonster smh
  12. Unless you have a glaring need for a big man and need it now then Chriss is the move. Not sure if dropping an IL player opens up a spot but I would drop holmes. Otherwise it's a toss up depending on your roster makeup. 10 team league you won't lose sleep on who the drop is
  13. I would be happy to just get dame and whiteside for what you gave up
  14. For 8 team Donut got it right except I would put the bridges lower at 3
  15. nice to have these type of decisions initially it was house to drop but house seems like he's getting all the minutes he can handle even when the Lord Covington came on board (who i also own) bridges does bring a nice stat set but has inconsistencies and may lose minutes to the useless Saric and useful Baynes leave a link. thanks