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  1. Fellow league members it is with great resolve that I must drop out of this league, I had hope that this league would work out but I guess, We should have taken some insight to what some had posted previously about our commish. It has been 8 days since my last post with no response or activity from our gracious league founder and commisioner. All the best to the managers that signed up for this league. Robrain, it is apparent that you have been active on the forums but have failed the common courtesy to at least address those that joined the league that you started. If you had no apparent intention to follow through with your start up league at least a simple message would have been appreciated. Your ineptness and lack of respect for others is apparent and it is quite clear why you may have had alleged issues in other leagues lets hope this will prove to this forum,s members that you may be of lesser integrety then quite frankly expected and all should be weary of your intentions and membership in any internet leagues. Moderators and fellow forum members be weary of this individual Robrain Respectfully, gotcha
  2. What is the status of this league? Commish you out there?