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  1. Anyone’s waivers on yahoo (for leagues that reset each week) - not run in order this week. Our first place team, who had a bye last week, got first pick.
  2. I don’t disagree that it will be this way, but last night was not a hot hand situation (hard To be with 22 yards gained). It seemed by design to play Hyde more. As a Carson owner I’m hoping it was to ease him back after an extended period out. But the same thing was happening with Penny last year before he got hurt.
  3. I would go Gronk. Has been consistent. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/831190-kind-of-a-messwhir/
  4. I would go Hyde only because teddy may not play. Would think they would play to stop the run.
  5. So Adams was my one locked in player. But can decide on him Sunday. Need 2 RB, 2WR and a flex. Options adams CEH Ballage edmonds cooper woods kirk antonio brown was going with Adams, Kirk, CEH, ballage and was throwing around Edmonds or Cooper. But with Adams possibly out not sure what to do. Leave a link. Thanks
  6. So if Carson doesn’t start do I just slide in Dallas or no with Justin Jackson who let me down last week.
  7. Ridley godwin crowder kittle those would be mine. all good optics though
  8. Tonyan vs TB Gesicki vs jets Kirk vs Dallas ppr league and need the sit one. Like Gesicki and Kirk matchups a lot. But tough to bench Tonyan. Just not a fan of the two tight end start, but Kirk can also put up a dud. Please help and leave a link
  9. Problem with drake is he is the 2nd best running back on his own team. I would stay away from him.
  10. MVS. No one else to throw to. Wish I had as option:
  11. Trying to trade Brady is best option. Not sure what type of return you would get. do not trade CEH.
  12. With adams now out I need a replacement. I can go with one of these 3 in ppr: Tonyan, Hardman or Jamal Williams. Please help.
  13. so this is what we are doing only for possible Covid games. Has to be posted on the board and before the backup plan plays. Something like Fitzpatrick for mahomes if game isn’t played. I would go in and make the change to lineup if they move game. This is on yahoo. I went into my week 2 lineup and made a change that would have caused me to lose. It took about 5 minutes but it eventually updated and I went from 3-0 to 2-1 and the total points was right. Then switched back and all is back to the same. Bunch of work for me but seems to be the easiest solution for now
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