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  1. I like players like Brogdon. He's like a Eric Snow. He's not gonna hurt your percentages, you can slot him at PG or SG and expect some points, dimes, boards. He's built solid. He's a year older. I think he could be good.
  2. I just got over one of these.. I re-aggravated it twice, and it took about 3 months to get through it all. I'm not a pro football player though... It's a bad news injury, and in my case, the root cause was imbalances in my left leg strength that I'm trying to address. Probably these guys need to work on their body mechanics, hip/glute strength, etc. After my experience, I'd run like the plague from any player with one of these, in fantasy (especially an RB or WR that needs to sprint all the time and cut).
  3. I'm in a non-PPR league. Assuming Fournette is going to play in the early game, I'll have to choose 2 out of these three: Leonard Fournette vs. NYJ Chris Carson @ARI Carlos Hyde @OAK Which guy would you sit?
  4. Yeah, I think Cleveland's DST is gonna be a decent option all year. At Oakland is a bit of a toss-up, but I think they have a decent floor with the sacks and turnovers they create. If I can get Seattle's DST on waivers, I'd rather roll them against Arizona, though.
  5. Need to choose a WR3 from: Robert Woods @ SEA or Robby Anderson @NO this is NON-PPR. WHIR
  6. I like Ball. He has great court vision and I think he's smart. His handle and frame are NBA caliber for sure. My issue with this dude, like many others, is that funky shot release. I don't think it works, and the NBA exposes it more than college did. Now every team has some Maurice Harkless type of dude with crazy length and agility that will learn how to deny him getting that shot off. He shot-puts the thing from the left every time, and has to execute this strange macro to get his shot off. I don't like his release. I feel like he needs to rebuild that from the ground up. He's so young, but that could be a long process, and not sure if he'll do it.
  7. Boston has a winning culture and great coaching. Tatum seems like he's going to get minutes. I hate what I'm seeing from the Suns.. one game, but bad play and terrible body language from Chriss.
  8. I don't want to waste moves, we have a 50 move limit for the year. I also don't want to react, but is Tatum a can't miss? The Suns look like a mess and Chriss ain't starting right now.
  9. Complete joke call takes clear TD from Seattle defense. Adams clearly initiated that. The call on Avril was bull too, he barely even brushed Rodgers back. I think GB bribed the refs.
  10. It doesn't benefit them if they're ready to part ways. If they wanted Jackson, they could sign the 1 year tender with him, but that just means they have the same issue next year. It's the Vikings that are so desperate that they need him THIS year or bust. So they can ink the one year deal, make the trade and give up the 2nd rounder, then hope for a Super Bowl run and that they can sign him to a longer deal should things work out. Since they're all in with Favre, it makes sense.
  11. I would be shocked if he's not dealt to the Vikes. I think AJ is just creating more desperation. The deal is going to happen. The Vikings clearly don't have the receivers necessary to contend.