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  1. Need to pick one RB in a full PPR league. Have Peterson starting in my other RB spot and need to choose between Aaron Jones and Jordan Howard.
  2. My WR’s are Hopkins, Baldwin, Gordon, Boyd, and Ridley. Would you drop Ridley for Cooper now that he’s been traded to Dallas or stay with Ridley?
  3. Flash is gonna eat. The Dolphins did a number on the Bears last week and Brady has a man crush on him.
  4. Ekeler, no workhorses behind him either.
  5. Thanks guys, Ekeler in RB but which of them in FLEX?
  6. Have one RB spot and FLEX spot open in full PPR, who should I start? Thanks!
  7. Which of the three would you start in a half point PPR FLEX? Leaning towards Peterson currently but not sure. Thanks!
  8. Have him coming off the DL today and need to pick one to drop... Sano or Carrasco. My only other 3B is Rendon and my other SP's are Snell, Berrios, Sale, Cole, and Strasburg.
  9. Sorry to be late to this...but the Baez side is definitely better. Good trade.
  10. Someone dropped Nelson Cruz and wondering if I should possibly drop Moreland or Sano for him? I also have Rendon for 3B and Smoak and Encarnacion at 1B.
  11. Thanks! It's a PPR league btw if that makes any difference.
  12. Not sure about the Melvin Gordon injury news. Should I keep him starting or roll with Hyde tonight? Here's my roster (minus QB's, and TE's): WR: Cooks WR: Tate RB: Bell RB: Gordon FLEX: Keenan Allen Bench: Mixon, Cobb, Marshall, Carson, Hyde
  13. Just got offered Julio Jones for my Cooks and Carson. It's a 1 point PPR league. Should I pull the trigger on that or sit tight? My other RB's are Bell, Gordon, Hyde, and Mixon. Thanks!
  14. Yeah, my bad! Was on my phone and logged in and didn't realize it kicked me to the Talk section. thanks for the reply!