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  1. Lots of rumors that the Cubs want to get under the luxury tax for 2020 so I don’t see them signing Castellanos.
  2. Am I missing something? This looks underwhelming.
  3. Now that’s one team I didn’t expect trading for Kluber.
  4. He’ll make 4.6 million this year and then three years of arb before he’s an UFA in 2024. I guess he could try to get more but Betances tried and failed. Hader has been used a closer so he has that working for him.
  5. Four years of team control so Brewers want at least one top prospect in the trade. They’re trying to sell high which makes sense.
  6. So they missed out on Rendon and are now also out on Donaldson? I guess some team is willing to give Donaldson that big 4-year deal.
  7. There are rumors that the Phillies want to stay under the luxury tax this year. If true then they don’t have much to work with anymore. Could explain why they decided to move fast on Wheeler and get him while he was still “affordable”. The Arrieta and Robertson contracts are hurting them this year.
  8. Ryu scares me. He had a great season last year but he’s about to turn 33 and has a history of dealing with injuries. Do the Angels really need another SP with injury risks? I guess it all depends on what he’s looking for but his agent is Boras. MadBum is looking for 5 years/$100+ million.