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  1. Yo man, rated 5 stars for responding to my help post. Peace

  2. I would not include them because they were GREAT prospects - they did not have their big years "out of the blue." They did have just the one great year, but not really out of the blue. Also, the bets candidates to me are those that performed at a mediocre level prior to their great year, and then faded back to medicority thereafter. Thus Beltre really does not qualify as a 1-hit wonder, since his career has been rather productive, even if he had that one monster year that no other years compare to. Plus, he is still not even 30 years old - too early to say he can never repeat what he did. People forget that since he debuted with 540 AB at 21 years old - he is not nearly as old as people think, despite this seaosn being his TENTH as afull time major leaguer. Bret Boone also does not qualify, by the way. He had a THREE year strtech were he was a huge hitter (2001, 2002, 2003). He hd more than 100 RBI in each of those seasons (141, 107, 117), and had power also in other years (in 2001, he had 37 HR, but had 35 in 2003, and 24 in 1998 and 2002). His BA was off the charts in that big year, as well as RBI, but probably should not be on this list. Even Hidalgo had some very productive seaosns after his monster. I am certain injuries sapped his production quite a bit - is it fair to include someone on thos list whose ability to repeat the mosnter year was hindered to to injuries? Perosnally, I think the top 3 are: Brady Anderson (truly out of nowhere, despite a long career), Tatis and Ensberg. Fun topic! P.S. What about Tuffy Rhodes ... well not a season, but a GREAT week one year. Couldn't resist.