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  1. Pure fantasy gold, dude. Have a roster of 15 and have retained only three of my originally drafted players (Smart, WCJ, and Dame). Managed to trade: Aldridge and Draymond for Jokic Bledsoe for Covington Drummond+ scraps for KAT ...plus a few more minor but consequential trades I think my fantasy mates hated my guts because they received trade proposals almost daily. Afterall, whats the fun in fantasy if you aren’t wheeling and dealing.
  2. Tough one, but I think Johnson will have more value going forward. Milsap will be back this week.
  3. Dude poopoo in his pants again. Wow, talk about an offensive line on the last day of the week.
  4. You are oozing with pessimism - must be a riot to sit next to on airplanes.
  5. Dude’s looking like a drop candidate with each passing game!
  6. JJ has the track record to provide Stocks and assists when given minutes. I’m rolling with him
  7. This thread brings a ray of sunshine to my cold winter days in Minnesota.
  8. Moved him and Lowry for KAT from a GM skittish about KAT’s availability around fantasy playoffs. Thanks a ton