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  1. Hello Baseball Brothers, I have few questions that have not been answered through my regular research circles and I'm hoping you can chime in. Tim Lincecum He lost velocity as the season wore on and by the World Series he was topping out at 92. Is anyone concerned by this? This is either mechanical or phyisical/structural and I suspect there is a shoulder issue amidst this disconcerting development. I've seen very little information on this... any light to be shed here would be greatly appreciated. I read a Sports Illustrated article on him and know his dad seems to have a handle on mechanics. If this is a shoulder issue, he could start hot than lose/gain velocity from start-to-start until he's finally toast. I saw this happen to Matt Morris as Cardinal and it's a sad thing to watch. Zack Grienke What happened to him last year? The story I'm getting is that he didn't lose velocity...but what then? He was unmotivated? Why should we expect a return to 2009 form? What does his shrink say? Wandy Rodriguez I was so high on him going into 2010 and then he gets shelled for the first half of the season. Then just as the most loyal were dropping him, Wandy flips the switch and turns it on. What happened? It seems mechanical/command related but I have seen no explanation for Wandy's Jeckel/Hyde performance of 2010. Chad Billingsley I saw him get lit up at Busch Stadium last year (2010) and he was barely hitting 91mph on the gun. Before you question the gun, Jason Motte was hitting 98 regularly later in the same game. Wasn't Billingsley able to hit 95mph in the not-too-distant past? Then peeps wonder why his K-rate is down. Why should we expect anything beyond 150K's, 3.70+ ERA? That's what I've got. Any information and/or reference links you are kind enough to post is greatly appreciated!