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  1. Gallegos,Smith and Devers. Thanks for the help with mine
  2. Lux
  3. With Yordan questionable for opening day, Does that make Alonso the right choice?
  4. I forgot to mention this is in Yahoo, where Yordan has OF eligibility.
  5. Gotta agree..Eloy all the way
  6. No question.. its Meadows for me. Thanks for the help with mine.
  7. I have Acuna,Soto and Turner My 4th keeper is between Yordan or Alonso? I had thought this was a no brainer and planned going with Pete.. but I've recently been second guessing my plan.. So who would you rather keep in a keep 4 forever 12 team h2h 5x5 Alonso or Yordan...? Thanks in advance
  8. I like the return, I think I would go for it too.
  9. Keep forever(5x5 12 team h2h cats) Turner or Correa? For some reason I'm kinda leaning Turner.