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  1. Still struggling on the road. 2H of last year he was unstartable away from Home
  2. Then takes home ROY honors in 2018.
  3. The Rays offense is bonkers and severely underrated. Run support is not a flaw for Jake this year. He's been plain bad
  4. Any thoughts as to the limited utilization of that change up? More feel for that pitch comes and goes game to game, or more game planning against his opponents? The vertical slider is also a really nice looking pitch
  5. If the Dodgers have an interest for Quintana he'd be a perfect piece to send over and we could finally see him break in as an AL regular . Him and moncada in the top half of that order would project some very high upside production.
  6. He didn't give in with Thames or Shaw today and was adamant on trying to paint the outside to lefties. Laz Diaz was very inconsistent on giving that strike and lance had a lot of borderline 3-2 pitches resulting in BB's. I wouldnt have wanted him to go after those 2 any other way.
  7. The home run issues don't look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. Someone is getting him deep every time out. Gonna be hard to contribute giving up the long ball every start.
  8. Jared Massey @JaredJMassey Final line on Walker Buehler: 4 IP, 6 Hits, 2 ER, 1 BB, 3 Ks, 53 pitches, 39 strikes. 3/2 ground/fly. Touched 100 twice. Curve was filthy.
  9. David Phelps is gonna rack up a bunch of holds and has high K upside. I also feel like he's gonna pitch in 10 saves this year (some of the 2 inning variety)
  10. Front office was quoted over the winter stating he will have no restrictions on IP this year. The only reason that he slots 5th in the rotation to open the season is because they purposely gave him a late start to spring training to make sure he was fresh coming off the big jump he made last year.
  11. Charlie was well on his way to doing this last year and a leg injury cut the breakout short. This more of the same from what he displayed last season prior to the injury
  12. Cardinals have no reason to limit his innings and this is a contact year where ol' Lance will be looking to get paid. If he was on an imposed IP limit , I don't think St. Louis would have him as the spring training IP leader thus far in camp.
  13. Looks a little like MadBums release point